CFL standings in the Spectator

Why can't a city that has a CFL team put the CFL standings at the beginning of the sports section? I noticed today, not only are the CFL standings not on the first page of two pages of standings, they are on the far right hand side of the 2nd page in the Spectator after horse racing and tennis. Horrible, I think I just might stop buying the Saturday Spec, the only one I pay for now. I don't like this.

I completely respect your right to voice your opinion about any Ticat related issue. But in a forum full of somewhat idle threats, I have to say this is probably one of the most nitpicking things I've ever seen.

You may want to email the Hamilton Spectator about this issue if you are so inclined.

  • paul

ps. the Ticats are 0 - 2

I respect your opinion Paul that this is nitpicking in the sense that most people couldn’t care less about where the standings are in a newspaper. That I will agree with. The mods can certainly delete this thread if they so desire.

Apologies to anyone who thinks that this thread is a total waste of time and useless. But I just want to say after looking at the sports page today and seeing the CFL standings at the top of the first page of standings in the middle, nice job Spectator! Don't expect this all the time, realize you have to please more than just CFL fans, but once in a while great to see. :thup:

They can get back to hockey now.

What's that supposed to mean Wilson?

Iam talking TV, papers and radio we are into CFL season and hockey still takes up most of the space.