CFL Standings ... explanation please

Can someone explain this to me?

In the East Division CFL standings we are showing in 4th place - 8-2-6-0 EXACTLY the same as the Bombers with the same Pts - 4

HOWEVER our for and against is BETTER than the Bombers
201-239 (38 points difference) vs. 173-240 (67 points difference)...

SO ... why aren't we in 3rd place? (Yes I know they beat us but by points we're SIGNIFICANTLY ahead!)

That's exaclty why.

Head to head is the first tie breaker.

They beat us.

with 8 teams in the CFL, how many can make the playoffs


The top two teams in each division are assured a berth. Then it is the next two teams by record. If the fourth-place team in one division has a better record than the third-place team in the other, it can cross over to the other division and play its second-place team in its semi-final at the second-place team's site.

The first crossover was when B.C. played Montreal at Molson Stadium in the East semi-final in November 1997 when the Als were forced to book the game there as a U2 concert at the Big O precluded them from hosting the game at the bigger stadium.

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The crossover team also has to have an outright total points advantage on the third-place team of the other division to qualify -- it cannot have identical total points.

Oski Wee Wee,