CFL Stadiums

I want to learn about the CFL stadiums and playing surfaces. Are there any good websites that have a lot of information n the stadiums?

Is Toronto the only team that plays in a dome? Is Toronto’s Rogers Centre Dome always closed for games or is it one of those domes that are retractable?

Is Edmontron the only team that plays on grass?

Edmonton is the only natural grass stadium and Toronto and BC are both domed stadiums

The is a site on staduims of the World, just a moment.

Here it is:

This may help. There is another staduim site called “Ballparks” and also check “Soudog’s CFL fan site”.

Toronto’s Roof is Retractable, and BC’s is an Air Pressure supported Dome, that doesn’t open.

BC Place also employs (as of this season) the new Field Turf playing surface, which they purchased 1 year used from the Expos/Olypic Stadium.

It’s an artificial turf made with rubber and sand, and is very soft and easy on the legs, feels a lot like natural grass, and doesn’t require watering.

Field Turf is also an Approved FIFA playing surface, and is used in many NFL stadiums and a handful of MLB ones

Is the Toronto stadium roof only closed if it rains?

Have any teams moved to new stadiums in the last 10 years?

Does any website show the home attendance averages for each team last year?

Nah, they keep the roof closed at the re-christened Rogers Centre (or RC Cola Stadium as I refuse to call SkyDump its new monicker) during the winter months. Comes in real handy during those late October matchups or November playoff games.

The Alouettes used to (and still do occassionally) call Olympic Stadium home, but due to a U2 concert being booked the day of a playoff game a few years back, they relocated the game to Percival Molson Stadium on the grounds of McGill University. They’ve been playing there ever since.

The Renegades joined the league back in 2002, but they play out of the same stadium their Rough Rider predecessors used to reside: Frank Clair Stadium/Lansdowne Park.

The Argos moved into the formentioned “RC Cola Stadium” back in '89 after spending over 20 years at Exhibition Stadium (since razzed) which followed a stint at the old Varsity Stadium (also torn down) in the 50’s and maybe 60s.

And the BC Lions moved into BC Place back in '83 after playing for years at Empire Stadium (site of the breaking of the 4-minute mile by Roger Bannister at the 1954 Commonwealth Games, I believe)

The Skydome, As It’s Formaly Know And Always Will Be In My Mind, Winterises In Late October. After That Date It Will Never Open For Games. It Is Open For Most Games Unless It Is Raining Or Unseasonally Cold. Both Ivor Wynn And The Dome Use That New Turf That Westcoastexpress Was Talking About And Have Been For A Few Seasons.

I love the fact that’s now the “Rogers Center”

…edmonton only ‘appears’ to play on grass…most of the time they are completely sober…

True, but one has to wonder with those Cracker-Cats up in edmonchuk.

Also, is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the the seating capacity of CFL stadiums seems to decline every now and then. (Not that they’re building smaller stadiums, but rather that their reducing the size of the stadiums). At one point Frank Clair held 35k, McMahon 37k, Molson 26K…

i didnt know that. interesting. they must of put field turf back in the big O. because the als practice on it.

Molson Stadium has never shrunk, only gotten higher capacity, and still has plans made to expand. It used to house only around 18k, now it’s up to 22, and plans are to adds stands and skyboxes to raise it up to near 26k.

The Als Olympic stadium was used, but houses over 50k people, and it never sold out. They had 15-18k people in that huge stadium every game, and when they were forced to play at Molson Stadium at Mcgill, the fans were packed in together, and it made for a much more fun/entertaining game for the fans. So they never went back to the Big O.

However, due to thier success, and growth of fan base, they play playoff games at the Big O because it can sell out, and it’s covered late in the season.

2002 Grey Cup was at the Big O too, I was there watching Calgary beat on Winnipeg, then I went to Winnie’s on Crescent and 5-6 of the Blue Bombers were there drinking away the loss.

Ottawa, Calgary, and Winnipeg all replaced some seats with luxury boxes. Ottawa also got rid of some endzone bleachers. Molson stadium had some seats removed to accomodate the 1976 Olympics.

Taylor Field actually has fewer seats this year as the Rider prepare for some permanent seats in the North End zone and the new building in the south End Zone. The new building is for the ticket office, Green & White Lounge for VIP’s and I think the Riders Locker rooms, but I am not sure about that. The designs can be viewed at

We won’t be able to put 30,000+ for Labour Day this year, only 28,500. Next year, the permanent capacity will be over 30,000. Before this year, official seating is 27,500, then there was room for 5,000 more on the grass in the endzones.

Finally, Talyor Field will be getting Field Turf in the next couple of years. The stuff we have now is still new, but they have it in the plans to go along with the new upgrades.

I think that the Big O put back the old turf from before the new field turf.
I thought the Als practiced outside beside the Maurice Richard arena

I wondered why there always seems to be a “buzz” at Commonwealth.