CFL Stadiums

Well, I heard a rumor that they were gonna fix BC Place up for the Olympics, and/or remove it afterwards, but that’s just a rumor.

Poster from Hamilton say that they need a new stadium, unlike the new stadium that was build for the AHL and other hockey teams to also get the NHL to move there, which will not happen cuz of Toronto. Maybe Hamilton will just upgrade IW, but some would like it replaced for a slight bigger and nicer stadium.

KK, what in the blue hell does Copps Coliseum, which has been around since the 1980s, have to do with the Ti-Cats? "I Never Wynne" has received some minor improvements over the past few seasons: new turf, fresh coat of paint, and the TigerVision scoreboard.

I do remember some talk of them maybe getting a new stadium had they won the 2010 Commonwealth Games bid (but lost to India), but IWS is a nice cosy stadium that puts you closest to the action of any of the existing 8 stadiums in the league.

The Stadium at BC Place will host the Opening/Closing ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics with very little upgrading. There has been ideas floated that the stadium could be torn down afterwords as the land is very valuable for condos. This idea has been pretty much shot down, as a new stadium for the Lions would have to be erected before anything is done to BC Place stadium.

Personally, I love watching games at BC Place - it's easy to take the SkyTrain there, I don't have to worry about getting soaked in the rain, and its loud in there :slight_smile:

I hope the Lions can play there for many more years to come.

I agree Camkind, we use Skytrain when I come down for the games. Park in Surrey, Grab dinner downtown.

I think with the Olympic over runs, there will be no apetite for a new sports facility. Besides football, look at all the trade shows hosted at BC Place. Where would you hold all of them? How do you replace the revenue generated by those other shows?

it was Earl though who suggest a new stadium for Hamilton, and I agree with him somewhat, I'd rather have IW around for a longer time with an expandsion to 30,000 seats, like Molson.

Its a 5 year plan for Mosaic Stadium....they used to have the upgrade plans on the website, but have taken them off

I wouldn't go calling the idea "shot down" just yet. The very fact that only a measly $ 5 million is being allocated for renovating the dome is bad enough. That roughly equals a couple of coats of paint and some serious pressure washing of the roof. Also, as has been already mentioned, the site currently occupies 10 acres of some of the most expensive real estate in all of North America. It has been estimated that as much as 10 residential towers could be built on the site. That would mean a large lump sum payment to the government coffers rather than continuing to operate a stadium, that has been losing money for a few years now.

Finally, the final fact to add to my conspiracy theory is that The BC Pavillion Corp, (crown corp. responsible for the stadium) isn't taking ANY bookings for events whatsoever after 2010...

I guess after going to 30,00o, or knowing that they can, they don't need to ungrade Talor anymore becase it's prefect for CFL Football as it is.

EastVanMark is on the right track. I happen to be an insider and I can tell you that applications have been submitted to the city for tear down. I fully support a reno instead but a new stadium would be ideal. Location of said stadium is the big question. With the cost of real estate in Vancouver rising dramtically I cannot see them putting the stadium in it's present location but I offer an alternative...


Teeth out.

My friend said BC Place is being knocked down after the 2010 Olympics and is being replaced with condos. Anyone know if this is true?

If we put a team in London I can see a lot of people complaining, that's 3 and a half teams in Ontario! And why are they "wasting time trying to put a team in Ottawa"? Because Ottaw a has a history in the CFL and it's a bigger market.

And, I don't see why they would knock BC Place down, it's perfectly fine. This is Canada and the CFL, not the building new 70 000 capacity stadiums NLF of the States.