CFL Stadiums

Which teams are considering or are getting new stadiums in the near futuer? because alot of the stadiums are in the best of shape or even close to state of the art…

Lots of the stadiums have gotten renovations, albeit minor ones.

Ivor Wynne has a new videoboard, so did Molson Stadium. Few others too I'm sure.

There is talk of a new stadium in Winnipeg. And if Halifax or Quebec City get teams, it would be in new stadiums.

yes i hope at least the CFl doesnt let there stadiums get out of date...its nice to see though they manage to fix things here and there =)

I can tell you’re from Toronto by the way you speak!

DOn’t worry I am too.

LMAo how can you tell? haha and i am home grown…and i live 5 min away from the skydome or “rogers center” toronto is the best =)

I can tell because it says you're from Toronto under your post count.

But also you have the 'major league;, NFL style mentality of new stadiums and stuff.

ya true lol...i like new things makes it look pretty =P

A week ago they had a picture of a proposed stadium in the paper for Winnipeg. It looked like a toilet bowl. LOL

New coats of paint, pressure washing bird droppings, two ply bathroom paper, and new TV's (big or small) does not equal real renovations. WAY MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE.

It'd Be Nice If Ivor Wynne Could Add A Mirror Or Two In Their Bathrooms. I Like To Be Able To See What I'm Doing When I'm Putting My Make-Up On. And Putting Backs On The Seats Would Help Too. The Renovations That They've Done So Far Have Really Boosted Attendance, e.g. That Videoboard.

These people in Hogtown really have nerve to boast how great the Skydome is. Because they built this monstrosity on the backs of Ontario taxpayers.

Like here in London we'll be paying for the John Labatts Centre for the next 20 years. And we were given a few million to build a stadium for the Canada games, but its nothing more than aluminum stands. NOt near the 800 million the governement gave to Toronto for their playpen.

And can you imagine how many stadiums we could have built in Ontario for our CFL teams if the money wasn't wasted just for Hogtown? In fact the Skydome fiasco has gauranteed not one penny of taxpayer money will ever again be spent again on private sports teams.

So you people in Hogtown can laugh at other CFL stadiums. But you better like the Skydome. And you better hope it lasts another hundred years. Because you ain't gettin' any of my money to help build a new one!


Toronto has already gotten taxpayer money towards their new soccer stadium on the old Exhibition Stadium site. Must be nice. No public money towards new NHL arenas in Vancouver, Ottawa, or Montreal, nor any new stadiums anywhere else, but Toronto can get a new stadium when they could have just put down a grass surface at SkyDome for the 2007 FIFA Tournament. It's even worse when you consider the age of Ivor Wynne and Frank Clair along with the fact that CFL interests in going to London go back at least to the mid-'80's.

And I read that know nothing in the Toronto Star Dave Perkins imply that governments would "gladly" donate money for a new NFL stadium in Toronto? The Toronto media lives in some kind of lala land. Like can you imagine giving Paul Godfrey another blank cheque to build another publicly funded Taj Mahal? LIke, do these people think we're nuts?

And about London. I live in London. Its an untapped gold mine for the CFL. We sellout the 10,000 seat John Labatts centre for the KNights every game, with a season ticket waiting list.

A CFL team would be huge here. I'm surprised all these groups are wasting time trying to put a team in Ottawa, when London is ten times a better football town. I think its just a matter of time before a team comes here.

According to Wikipedia, Tayler Field will be getting a fairly major renovation.

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From what you just said...I hope it happens.

$13 million is not going to get you a major reno. They have done a number of things to improve the stadum and will be doing more like putting field turf in and adding some more business boxes and new team offices, etc.

TO and MTL have been discussed.

Winnipeg? I doubt it, its in not bas shape, just hate those bucket seats with no frigging leg room! I know I know they have some big plans but its a heck of a lot of money for a facility that gets little use.

Has anything been discussed in Calgary? Lots of money kicking around????

....nope, the stadium here is actually owned by the university and any money they get is being turned towards other avenues.....the stamps will spend some money on the stadium as part of their lease agreement (i.e. - new turf this last year) but no plans are in the works for any major changes to McMahon......I doubt anything big will happen for many years here, new paint maybe, possibly fresher hotdogs....

Winnipeg is trying to get a new one, Hamilton needs a new stadium, Montreal is going to upgrade Molson, Calgary may need to increse McMahon, and BC Place may be replaced or upgraded for the 2010 games.

Is BC Place being upgraded? Seems to me with all the major cost overruns with the Olympics there would not be much chance of any new sports facility in BC for a long time.

I have not been to Hamilton, but I find it hard to believe that any big money will be spent for a facility there. Upgrades yes, but something new?