CFL stadium pics from past Grey Cups.

Just found some interesting pics from past Grey Cups.
Its kinda neat how the temporary seating adds so much life to the stadiums.



[url=] ... ize126.jpg[/url] [url=] ... CupSky.jpg[/url]



Neat, I always like seeing pics of stadiums. I especially like the Regina and second Winnipeg '06 pics. I believe the "1991 Winnipeg" picture is actually from 1998. And the Ottawa picture looks like it's from 1988 itself ... looks too old to be 2004 (look at the turf, plus the logo at centre).

No my freind, the 1991 picture is from 1991. The 98 Winnipeg Grey Cup did not have as good of a draw as the 91 Grey Cup. In fact the 91 grey cup was the largest attendance Winnipeg Stadium ever had breaking the 51 000 mark.
The 98 grey cup was set up differently too as it was also set up to host the 99 Pam Am games. So the 98 grey cup seating formation was set up simmular to the 06 grey cup.

I was also looking for Hamiltons Grey Cup pic as well but I could not find them.
And I agree Regina's pic looks great.

Great shot with the Snowbirds fly-by!