CFL stadium makeovers w/pics

here are 48 more pictures of IGF from today's Sun newspaper:

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an exquisite piece of architecture.
and the locker room/amenities are superb.
Definitely one of the crown jewels in Canadian football.
Well done Winnipeg, you should be proud! :thup:

to be honest, I am both sincerely happy for the BB's, yet also further disappointed that the new Hamilton Stadium will be constructed as a generic spartan vision with little to no imagination.
(NOR protective grandstand awnings!)

i noticed they are cutting out squares in the concrete wall seperating the field from the stands.
what is that about? anyone know?

I noticed that too. I assumed (guessed) they may be putting gates there that would allow patrons access to the field for concerts, etc. Maybe they wil have a portable stair system at field level that attaches when they want to allow people down?

I noticed the cutouts were in front of each stairway on the grandstands. This could perhaps provide sight-lines onto the field for those on the stairway, rather than a concrete wall? The holes could also allow the installation of a handrail in the notch. Another possibility could be for water drainage at the bottom of the stairways.

My guess is that they're cutting the panels out to install the field level game clock for the players. Doesn't look like its been put in yet.

I'm also insanely jealous of the Bomber store at IG Field. Wish that the Lions had one. The Canucks have a pro shop, the Whitecaps have an official store in Metrotown and the Lions... temp merch kiosks. :oops:

Agreed. The Lions need to step up there game in that department, no question. If the Whitecaps have one, so should they

Yup, they should! I'm really sick of walking into any given sports merch store around Vancouver and being able to find ample Roughrider merchandise and hardly anything Lions. It's such a p@#% off! The Lions are being out merchandised in their own home market and its kind of pathetic and embarrassing. You can buy merchandise from their Surrey office but if you've ever been in there it's a joke! There's even a store I've been into that's had green Simon jerseys before they displayed anything BC. End Rant lol.

I see your points about a specific merch store but I don't see this as a huge deal meaning I don't see any specific merch store for the LA Lakers in Hamilton and people, well kids mainly, do wear their stuff. And I'm a fan not because of what I see in a store, heck there are plenty of Walmarts in Hamilton but can't remember the last time I bought any clothing there, I'm a fan because of the team and sport/league I love. There could be a million LA Lakers stores in Hamilton and I wouldn't buy a thing from them.

But that being said, sure, a specific Lions store would be nice but the team is doing ok without one it seems.

The Riders have 4 specific merch stores, and from those merch stores, the Riders get 100% of the profits. If the merch is sold through a general Jersey City or Sportchek, the league takes the profit and splits it amongst all teams. These Rider stores together pulled in 7 mill in merch sales in 2011. It can be pretty beneficial.

Here is the latest pic from Molson stadium:

I think its a big deal. An onsite store with a lot of options and a lot of supply for fans could significantly boost the teams sales. One of the main problems for CFL teams in terms of selling merchandise is access. Some stores carry it but its only a couple of items and stock is usually poor. There's always online stores but those are predominantly the die hards that will take the time to sit down at their computers and buy gear. A well stocked onsite store has the ability to sell to not just the diehards but the casual fans who are more likely to make an impulse buy on gameday. Little kiosks are nice and may be convenient but they can only stock so many items. Team stores can make thousands of $ in profit on a gameday. I've read before that on labour day and banjo bowl weekends the Riders team stores in Regina and a makeshift one set up in Wpg make tens of thousands in just the 2 weekends. The bombers had an onsite store at CanadInns but they should profit even more from the new one. It's much larger, more stock, and more registers will help them push through more people at halftime then their old cramped quarters.

Well wolverine, if that’s the case then they should do it and if they aren’t doing it, then why not?

Not sure if all of you have seen the new BC Place in daylight as they've only played a couple of afternoon games, but here it is.

I don't know why this sticks in my craw - and maybe you have to sit in the stadium to know what I am talking about - but for a $563MM reno, you'd think they could have gotten the roof opening right. It needed to be expanded by at least 10-20%. It's too darn small (creating awful shadow effects on TV), so you don't actually have the 'outdoor' feeling while watching a game....just that of a sunroof on a sedan. This may seem nitpicky, BUT they got everything else right; they just wiffed on the important part. IMHO.

If they're not adding one its a loss of potential revenue IMO. Particularly if you're building a new building I think its foolish not to include a team shop. Most new NHL, MLB, NFL venues include one. The ones I've been in are always busy during intermissions, pre and post game. And they always seem especially after an exciting game, maybe all that action and a beer or two makes it easier for the occasional fan to loosen up his wallet. On gameday you have 20-25K potential shoppers. If there are open practices in training camp or during the season you have potential shoppers. Even the Pan Am games, having a fixed store rather than randomly distributed kiosks would be better IMO. Based on the video from last year, which the design featured in the video seems pretty identical to the images just release, it shows a ticketing/merchandising location for the new stadium at 0:44 which to me suggests that at one point they planned to include a proshop. Maybe given the financial constraints of the budget they can't afford to add one on to IWS2 and have dropped it?

I don't know about IWS2 and for me here, it's not an issue. There is a store downtown where the Cats offices are, one in a large mall here in Hamilton that I go to occasionally and at the games in the past, there has been a tent and small kiosks where people can purchase stuff. All works for me.

Can you do "on-line" shopping for CFL gear? I do most of my shopping on-line because there's no sales tax and usually free shipping. It seems to be the way of the future. I see lots of NFL merchandise on line but no CFL gear on-line :roll:

I really hope that's sarcasm, but in the off chance it isn't, you could try hitting the "shop" link at the top of the CFL page or just click this one:

I don't know about other teams, but the Riders have a website of their own (where they get 100% of the profits), and there's Jersey City too, among others.

It wasn’t sarcasm - just do a “google search” for sports merchandise or CFL merchandise there is NOTHING!!
Try doing a google or yahoo search or any other search engine and type in CFLshop - NOTHING.
I didn’t know there was a