CFL stadium makeovers w/pics

The funny thing is last year , Ticat fans were ripping on the Bombers about the construction delays :roll: :roll: We had a plan B and played one more year at the Stadium and had great crowds all year , out drew Hamilton . They had no plan B , Mcmaster didn't want them , which is sad. Now they are playing in a different city and in front of 14 000 people. Hamilton's situation is much worse and makes the league look bush. Their situation will get no mercy from Bomber fans , we are snickering to tell you the truth .At least Bob Young won't let them fold , we can't be losing teams.

Yep. It's whats going to build the Maritime/Halifax stadium. Well, that and a combination of Hamilton depending on what the cost comes in at and what it looks like.

Bungle, I don't agree. West Harbour will take care of itself with development, the area of IWS not so much. It's absolutely great the new stadium is on the same grounds as the old stadium, inner city development and renovations are fantastic for the city and Bob Young should be applauded with the city that a solution was found that saw the inner city gaining. Sure, the surveys from Cat fans wanted a lot of parking and easy highway access and therefore the Cats were promoting that but that didn't materialize and both the city and Bob came up with a solution. And an excellent solution at that.

A stadium at WH also would have made a physical barrier linking the James St. N area with the harbourfront, that would have been very unfortunate IMHO as someone who goes for walks at WH once in a while. We are very fortunate that the stadium did not end up at WH, thankfully that mistake will not occur.

Unsettling to me are those that cannot or do not understand that. But to each his own.

From the net concerning a football team in the UK, Everton:

Relocation, relocation

But most American fans are just relieved their teams have stayed in the area. Most clubs are working with local councils to build inner-city stadiums that will regenerate run-down areas. So, for Middlesbrough and Arsenal, Man City and Derby, read San Francisco and Denver, San Diego and Baltimore.

[url=] ... relocation[/url]

The Hamilton stadium won't be delayed because of the huge financial penalty the contractors will be forced to pay if it isn't completed on time. It was reported the penalty is so substantial it virtually guarantees a timely completion. The province also budgeted a $30 million in "management fees" to pay for any overtime or extra costs required to finish the stadium on time. So all is well in Tigertown.

The league is only as strong as it's weakest link and all team's will have to chip in to ensure the Ticats have a stadium to play in this year.

Sadly... If the Tigercats can sell 14000 tickets to every game with no corporate comps or free two for one give aways then they will not be the weakest link... That distinction will still belong to the Argos.

That I agree with Bungle, the Argos are/will be the weakest link in the CFL despite winning the GC last year. They are still in a limbo area as to what the city there sees them as whatever. Sokolowski and Cynamon screwed up on Varsity and U of Toronto but maybe that could also be said the city of Toronto screwed around with their own in C & S and didn't know how to involve the university in city planning.

One wonders who the athletics director is at U of T or was and who in bed this person was for whatever. Mind you, I don't think the words athletics and excellence are words in the same sentence these days at the U of T. Mind and body they see separate there, sort of old style thinking. Forward thinking universities see a more union and synergy with mind and body. Not at U of T though. To them the words 'art' and 'sport' and 'recreation' may as well be as separate as organic and inorganic and even with intellectuals these two concepts can be difficult to differentiate between. Sad considering it's supposed to be a centre of excellence in higher learning. Oh well, it's Toronto, it's all about "trying to be New York" I guess, nothing else matters. :wink:

I hate to admit this as a life long Argo fan and many year season ticket holder, but by far and away my team is the weakest link.
Like many of the previous so called owners, fortunately Mr. Braley is solid.
However there is no long term plan and especially since Rogers has now made it known basically they want them out in favour of the crap Jays.
The previous "owners" C & S were sandbagged in their efforts to get a new stadium.
Now what is the plan, A, B or C.?

That doesn't guarantee anything.

What happens if the TiCats clinch home field for a playoff game? Will the league allow a playoff game be played at a 14k stadium? I wonder how much extra it would have cost them to expand the Guelph Stadium into something like Tempire Field?

Commonwealth is starting to look great. The green and yellow seats are a much needed face lift. Those old orange seats were so dated and ugly looking. I wonder when the last time they were replaced?

I'm excited for the season to get going so I can see how Investors Group field looks on TV. Big fan of the size of the stadium and the design. Perfect size for the CFL regular season. BUT sorry Bomber fans, you can have it in November when you're freezing your arse off out there during a game while I'm at BC Place warm in my jersey and jeans :stuck_out_tongue: lol.

Interesting question. I'm embarassed to admit I never thought of it. I wonder if anyone in the Ticats organization or the CFL office ever did?

So far as I know, those are the original seats. Stadium originally built in 1978, then expanded in 1983.

$20 says any playoff games will be played in Skydome.

The new IWS should be pretty much up in November, they will play it there :wink:

ticats host a playoff I honestly don't think you guys reaize how many tickets are givin away. the Cats probably have a hard time selling much more the 14K to a playoff game as it is now..... Calgary has a hard time selling that many tickets to a playoff games unless it is against the Riders or Eskimos... That clasic 94 game when mcmanus threw to Flutie was played in front of guessed it...14000 people.

Last playoff game in Hamilton drew 27,000 and change in the Rain (east semi against TO), last playoff game in Calgary drew 30,000 and change (and yes, it was against the Riders) And another thing to note , alot has changed since 1994 ! it also snowed on that day in Calgary 17 years ago.

Don't even bother responding to Dungle, he is like the Villiage Idiot :expressionless:

Yep, Bungle-Boy is pretty fast and furious with his negative "facts" about the CFL which are only his opinions and are usually totally false and incorrect. I don't even bother to correct him anymore, so I hope readers take Bungle's "stats" with a grain of salt. :roll:

If they host a playoff game I'm sure that they will play it at Guelph and just charge more for tickets. If the usual average ticket price is $40 for a playoff game x 25,000 tickets = $1 million. To get the same revenue in Guelph they would charge around around $70 average ticket. I'm sure they can find 14,000 fans willing to pay $70 to go to Guelph.

The the choice is - play at the cavernous Rogers Centre and hope that 25,000 Hamilton fans travel there (not likely), there is no guarantee that more than 14,000 Ticat fans would show up in the Rogers Centre.
There could be 14,000 Ticat fans sat in a 50,000 seat stadium, which would be a lot worse than 14,000 fans in a 14,000 seat stadium.

So even if they didn't charge $70 a ticket at Guelph, I would risk playing the game in Guelph.

If it is vs the Argos, then yes. Assuming that a minor tradeshow or concert isn't booked for that day because SkyDome ownership doesn't even let the Argos keep their championship banners hanging during Jays games until the CFL season starts, yet alone accommodate the Ti-Cats. If it is vs any other team, they'll play out of Guelph and make what extra scratch they can from having a playoff game.

What, tbe toilet bowl Skydump owners don't allow Argos championsbip banners to be hung during boring baseball season? What, are tbey afraid of something if the banners are hung during that time? And yet they have signed on with the CIS to promote Canadian college football. Hmmm, seems tbey don't know their arse from ahole in the ground. 8)