CFL stadium makeovers w/pics

From The Edmonton Journal yesterday:

"Looking ahead to the 2013 season, Rhodes said fans will enjoy new seats at Commonwealth Stadium sooner than expected.

“Originally, the seat installation was supposed to be finished by the end of this calendar year, so we’re actually ahead of schedule. The weather delayed things to get started this year, but the lower bowl will be about 95 per cent complete by the pre-season game (June 14 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders) and the upper bowl is destined to be done by the end of September.?"

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I really don't understand why they are using two shades of green. Especially something closer to Rider green in the upper deck.

perhaps they intend to finish the upperbowl side which is shown on tv before the season starts, then work on the remaining seats during the following months?

if you remember last season, they started at lower bowl seats between the 40's on the side that is shown on tv, then worked their way out from there.

this time, they are doing the upperbowl from the far right and working left. that to me, shows they intend to be done that upperbowl before the season starts, because they have removed the seats from multiple sections up there and have not touched a single seat from the upperbowl on the opposite side.

should look great when the whole project is done.
is the capacity of commonwealth going to be less than when the orange seats were in?

Most teams are June 1st,
Montreal's Single Game Tickets go On Sale Friday, May 10th ! Hamilton's go On Sale Monday, May 13th !

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That would make sense, but the upper deck side they are working on is actually the non-TV side. They are nearing my seats though, so I'm happy. :smiley:

well, there goes that idea. :lol:

Here is a live cam of the construction of Hamilton’s new stadium, you can see the foundations of the grandstands taking shape.

If that video is flickering, the version on the Ticats website might be better.

Those corner seats in the Commonwealth photo have pretty good sightlines! Especially considering they are 20 yds deep in the endzone. Those end seats in the Commonwealth upper deck have the steepest incline of any grandstand seats ever constructed (or at least were when the stadium was built.)

The multi-coloured green and gold seats at Commonwealth were designed to make the section look full, even if the there are empty seats. Similarly in the new B.C. Place, the seat colours were specially-designed to blend empty seats in with the crowd (unlike the sea of empty blue seats at Skydome or the old BC Place).

Pre-sale is May 10 iirc. On sale to general public on June 1 - except Montreal which is May 10.

Beauty thread. Best in a long time.

Didn't even realize that Montreal was replacing their turf. Desperately needed.

Edmonton looks great, as does Winnipeg.

Aesthetically pleasing.


(Post script... Different shade of green... area's filled up by the faithful?)

I will likely travel to Michigan sometime this year...maybe I'll make a detour through Winnipeg :rockin:

I have to say. Winnipeg's new digs look niiiice. I'm looking at that and thinkin' I'd like to go watch a football game. :thup:

Updated ottawa stadium pics:

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Looking at all that grass (even if it is fake ) is getting me excited about Football and summer :thup:

Looks great. A major part of the CFL decline in the 80’s was that everyone has changed to artificial turf from natural grass and it sucked the life out of everything. No one had grass stains anymore and looked hard and lifeless.

Didn't affect the Dallas Cowboys bottom line though. They could play on cement there and the stadium would be packed game in game out. :wink:

Winnipeg's stadium with its facilities is the best and has to be a template for any future stadiums.

Yes, Winnipeg's new stadium is better than expected. It's has bowl seating with a recessed field to help cut down on the wind. The experts were amazed they could build a 33,500-seat stadium with covered seating for under $200 million.

Speaking of makeovers, here is the layout of Canada's newest 45,000-seat stadium, Mosaic in Regina, which will be ready for Labour Day. The Riders have capped season tickets at 30,000 this year.

Here is a "before and after" shot of Canada's newest CFL stadium, Guelph's Alumni Stadium. It's being expanded to 14,000 seats to serve as Ticats home stadium for 2013, leaving a legacy in Guelph with one of the finest college stadiums in Canada.

I believe the South side stands (on the left in the picture) will be ready by the beginning of the season and are to be used for the Paul McCartney concert in August; they are already going up. The North will be added by Labour Day.

This whole Hamilton situation is so unsettling.... Instead of spending 2-3 million dollars on a video game, the CFL will be handing Bob Young that much this year because he was too stubborn to have the stadium built downtowm. Every team in the league will recieve less league revenue this year (except Hamilton of course) and the Ticats will end up with a new version of Ivor Wynne ,that still has all of the draw backs of being in a residential neibourhood.
I can't believe that Young was so pig headed that he agreed to have no stadium to play in, and now be forced into the laughable situation.
I hope that Im wrong, but I think this could be a huge disater for the league if the stadium is delayed. the PanAm games aren't until 2015, so their is no urgency to finish this project. I say that by the time this is all over, that each CFL team will be out close to one million dollars in league revenues.The new stadium will be drawing flies in less then five years too... Why waste money on a half ass stadium? ||They should of built a real stadium downtown.