CFL stadium makeovers w/pics

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Found some recent pics of the seat installation at commonwealth stadium.
Seems they are just starting the installation of the upper level seats and will have them ready for the start of the season.

If anyone has pics of the new turf installation at Molson stadium, be sure to post those, too.
Oh, and the Blue bombers have posted new pics of IGF on their website, for those who are interested.

Here's Ottawa's construction progress:

[url=] ... wa/stadium[/url]
[b]drummer_god wrote: If anyone has pics of the new turf installation at Molson stadium, be sure to post those, too.[/b]
If anyone needs a new turf, it is the Argos. peat moss and crab grass are for garter snakes, not professional football players.

...not much happening over at McMahon

They have kept that Spartan look to it though R&W, I like it. :wink:

Still better than the Skydump toilet bowl. 8)

not quite sure why they are going with two different shades green?

found this pic of molson stadium's turf installation posted yesterday on their facebook page:

winnipeg is painting their field now:

Wow....what a beautiful, classic stadium in Winnipeg...maybe the nicest in Canada. Will be a great addition to the city and a help in recruiting. Terrific.

Excellent pics dg. :thup: Commonwealth should put an apron of bricks near the bottom where the cement after the last row of stands meets the field, it wouldn’t be very expernsive and would enhance the look.

And why the University of Toronto couldn’t have done something with the city/Argonauts like Molson Percival is beyond me. Maybe the U of T has low aspirations and goals for the Varsity site, well obviously with what they have now. :roll:

...that is the dedicated rider section, that BB stadium is great! I still think BC Place is the jewel of the CFL stadia but that is a very close second

Ya...BC Place is beautiful . I go to many games there. its the closest to where I live now.
But I'm partial to true outdoor stadia.
Like I prefer traditional golf course design...tree lined, visible greens, over several newer designs.
Eye of the beholder and all

..... :lol: :lol: ..I see they still have a bit of work to do before the logos and lines are painted..AND rumour is quicksix is going to have to pull a chariot if he wants to keep his job...

Looks similar to, albeit a much smaller version, of Michigan Stadium. 8)

Does anyone know when single tickets go on sale?
I'm looking to get out to Winnipeg to take in a game this season. Need tickets before I book the hotel.

If all teams' schedules are the same as the Riders', which I'm assuming they are, single game tickets will go on sale June 1st.

It's actually only the lower bowl that will be completely done by the start of the season. Upper bowl to be finished by end of September.

The concrete wall you are speaking of is covered by big green and gold banners on gamedays. But I agree, covering up bare concrete areas in CW would really improve it’s look.

The link in the original post says the upper bowl is being done before the start of this season. perhaps the sun just means installation will be started before the season starts?
here is the final vision:

this makes it seem as if the whole project will be done before the season:
Seats in the upper bowl are being replaced ahead of the start of the CFL season