CFL Sponsorship/Jersey Logos

Apologies for what some might think is trivial but as a uniform geek, this one caught my attention. I've noticed a subtle change in the corporate logos on the jerseys and wondered what's up with team and league sponsorship.

At the start of the season, CFL jerseys had a Mark's logo on one side and the team sponsor on the other. In Winnipeg, it's IG Wealth Management. Toward the end of September, I noticed the Mark's logos have come off and now it's just IG or the local team sponsor. It appears this change is league-wide.

Anyone know if Mark's has either withdrawn or if their agreement has expired? I'd think a blank spot on a jersey represents a valuable marketing opportunity so I'm a tad surprised some corporate entity hasn't stepped up to fill it. Any thoughts on what's up with sponsors these days as the season nears the big finish?

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I'm waiting for the day when our main sponsor is 'Trojan Condoms' or better yet... 'Harry's Discount Sex Shop' (from SCTV). :grin:

SCTV - Harry's Discount Sex Shop: Scramble Days - YouTube


Aren't the Ottawa senators already sponsored by them?

Ive noticed in my recent Ticat photos i took Ticat jerseys only have a Tim Hortons patch on them and the other side is blank also which is odd. The other side would have telus or Mark's usually. I know telus is still a sponsor since Ive seen contests giveaways

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No, the Roughriders. They have lots of studs. :wink: