CFL spindoctoring

This whole thing just stinks.

First, it makes no sense by our GM (former Argo) would say he wants to make the playoffs then turn around and trade his best defensive player for what could turn out to be the football equivalent of a bag of pucks (back of footballs would be a good trade). If he has something else coming down the pipe in terms of a solid NFL cut then I would might retract.

Second and here is where the conspiracy theory debate can begin, and I really believe this one, there is absolutely no way that Tom Canada has a borderline ruptured spleen. Think about it, a spleen injury is not one that is visible (ie. no limping or cast required). BS that he checked himself into a hospital late last night.

The moment he said he wouldn't report to Hamilton, he was suspended by either the Bombers or the CFL. The league wouldn't want it out that no player in their right mind would want to come to Hamilton in its current state. Only thing they could do was fake an injury and suspend Tom Canada to stop the I won't report to Hamilton train. He probably even was given his salary to keep quiet.

To accept a draft pick and a practice roster player is a slap to the face of every Ticat fan and paying customer.

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Enlarged spleens can be detected by CAT scans. The conspiracy theory is interesting, but given the potential lawsuit/insurance issues that a professional sports league could face in "faking" injuries, I'll just assume that Obie has simply made a face-value bizarre trade at leave it at that.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm sure Obie is as pissed off as we are. He thought he was getting Canada for Moreno. Arguably, Not a bad trade for both teams. When it completely fell apart, Obie tried to make the best deal possible. But he failed miserably and now is the laughing stock of the league.
Hey Obie, I got some land in Florida you might be interested in...

The league should not have allowed this trade at all once it was learned that Canada had spleen problems. Although once Moreno knew he was to be trading, I’m sure it would be hard to play for a team that was trying to get rid of you. It is getting harder everyday to care about this team.