CFL Special Teams - When will They Learn ?

I watched what would have been a very good Calgary - Toronto game ruined by flag after flag.
Some games that happens.

However, s a CFL fan nothing drives me more crazy than SPECIAL TEAMS BLOCKING FROM THE REAR.
Even when it benefits the teams I cheer for ( Calgary - BC - Hamilton - Ottawa ), I hate to see it.

The rhetorical question is , WHEN WILL THEY LEARN ?
If you even touch someone on the back - it is a penalty. That is on the player. Do not blame the refs or make excuses like " "diving when touched "

Here we go again in Montreal B. Banks has a TD winning return called back because a team mate blocked from behind .

Someone please give me the name of a sports psychologist who can explain why these guys do this . ( kidding - lol )

Like in the Grey Cup. I was pulling for the Stamps but was less then thrilled with the reality that the Stamps did not win the game- The Ti-Cats lost it .
In an earlier post I compared it to running a red light when a cop is sitting behind you. You know you will be caught so why do it ?

I just do not get this and never will.