CFL Song. One you haven't heard before.

Here's a song we did about the CFL for any of you who would like to check it out. We are a comedy group called THUD and did this about 2 years ago.Some lines you may not like,lol,but we just did it for fun. All of us are CFL fans. Well, one out of the 4 isn't but he doesn't like any sports.OK here's the link . Hope it works.

i uno, chorus is kinda corny but besides that its funny

well it wasn't horrible

Beauty! other than Hamilton being said behind Toronto

I thought it had a catchy tune and I liked it. How about making a new Hamilton Tiger Cat Song something with a good beat and also to help them win nothing to put them down I mean.

We need a new kind of Team Song, something us fans could sing at games.

Way to go !!!!

Sorry, mildly disagree

I'll see what I can come up with.