CFL Snap

Did I hear this correctly? I am not trying to push anyones buttons, but the last time the Riders finished first in the West at the end of the regular season was in 1976?

I didn't think this could be possible. Please someone fill me in.

Gladly, but Wally would publicly complain before sending a tape to the league. LOL about using the Standings function above and scrolling back through the years...

Yes or no to 1976? Do you know the answer?

Sorry for not feeling like going through every year since 1976 to find my answer. I thought some knowledgable Rider fans would know the answer.

What does it even matter? :lol:

...sorry, no one is going to do your work for you lazybones...

Its just another opportunity for him to troll!

just tryin to push buttons lock it quick!!! :roll:

The Montreal Olympics is all that comes to mind.

Does anyone have an answer?

Living on Dalcastle Hill in Calgary is jogged in my memory.

28 minutes since you created this post.
Plenty of time for you to have looked!

I figured since you post on every team and are a big big CFL fan you would know the answer. You have dissapointed me ro. I expected big things from you.

I do have the answer

now u know the feeling the rest of us get reading every post you make.

Thanks for having expectations of me, I appreciate it.

It's 'you', not 'u'.

Well sometimes the keypads on those cell-phones are kind of small, especially for big-handed brutes like o-lineman, just ask Gass.

only 1 "S" in disappointed!
However there are 2 "P"s

...this thread is certainly living up to it's 'Snap' title...