CFL SNAP interview

I just saw an interview with the Kulkster and he pretty much said from what he has heard it is a for sure thing Ottawa will have a team back for 2009.
WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO.... cant wait.

See, there must be something we don't know. I thought the prospect of a team was tied in to the redevelopment of the park, and until THAT'S settled, I don't know these people in the media can be so confident.

I just tried to find a link to the interview but it isnt posted yet I am sure it will be re-played.
He said Jeff Hunt and Mr Greenberg were given the green-light so to say.

Marty York confirms it!

Seriously though, things are looking good right now. For a change there's a strong ownership group interested, and the Mayor of Ottawa actually wants to see something done.

If its going to happen, this is the time.

You're'll be awarded conditionally.As I've stated elsewhere, this decision is a small step to getting a team back. If they don't get a good portion of the park for development it's over.

The (not so) good news is it'll be in the city's hand soon. I hope it happens (some private development) but realistically can't see it happening. I think politics will get in the way of common sense once again. Okay I feel the need to send another letter to the editor of our newspapers(not that they ever print any letters pro-development of the park - their views are heavily slanted as well)