I think that Robert Wetenhall has a case for slander against this Winnipeg writter.... Unless it's actually true.

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For a Quarterback who everyone says is worthless, he's sure causing a lot of talk in Winnipeg and Edmonton. Anyway if Tebow comes up to the CFL it won't be for another year or two.

Another stupid article by our horrid local reporters. First off they should know that asking a GM about their interest in a player on another teams roster or neg list is a no no. The GM could get fined for tampering so they should expect a no comment. Second its pretty balsy to assume Wetenhall is in the business of circumventing the cap without backing it up. That said, any team in the league can ignore the cap, they just have to pay the penalty, which I believe is a fine amounting to equal the amount spent above the cap and losing their first round pick in the next draft. When you consider the penalty, in some cases it may be worth it to go over the cap. If the draft is like this year where most of the top 10 players are returning to their NCAA team or have agreed to NFL FA contracts or tryouts, you're not really losing much by forfeiting that first round pick. That said, I don't think Tebow is worth the effort. He gets a base rookie contract and has to work his way up just like any backup, there is no reason to work around the cap like the writer implies. It's just plain nonsense.

…Have to agree wolverine…Suggesting a team is circumventing the cap without proof is overboard…BUT NOW maybe hfxtc and a few others will see a little better what we mean ,when we get so disappointed and frustrated with the local scribes and their reporting on the Bombers…All I can say is …pleeeeease bring back Ed Tait… :cry:

I can't really understand this article. He seems to suggest TT is a slug but then the crazy reporter takes off on a tangent and starts throwing crazy accusations around about the owner of the Als being a cheater. When the GM has cleary stated TT would have to come in to compete as a backup so I'm not sure why the Als would need to cheat the cap???

I was more upset about him misspelling Quinton's name. How can you write a football article and misspell the name of a five year vet in this league ???

Does he have an alcohol problem ?

No. Just that the journalistic standards are extremely low. I was surprised they let Adam Wazny go last year, he wasn't any better a reporter but in a cost cutting move you woulda figured they kept the cheaper younger guy. Either way, there's just not a lot of quality sports journalism here.

One of things I find funny is he claims AC is the 4th highest paid QB yet a year ago the Free Press ran a story with the salaries of all the starting QBs in the CFL which showed that AC and RR were both making the same and Burris was making $100,000 less than both of them. Lulay's new contract puts him at the same salary as what AC and RR were listed as making last year. Burris took a paycut when he went to Hamilton and I don't recall hearng anything about him getting that money back this year. I also don't recall hearing anything about RR renegotiating his contract this off-season or anything about AC taking a paycut.

I find it funny, HfxTC, how often you have defended the Winnipeg media when Bomber fans have complained about them but now that one of them has gone after your team you bash him. :roll:

Couldn't correct my post to say that Lulay's new contract puts him as the highest paid QB instead of at the same salary.

I don't recognize this writer. I like Lawless, Penton, Brown. Every city has some hacks. I try not to label people into "groups".

That explains a lot.