CFL Simulation: Warming to the Stampeders

TORONTO — If you’re thinking ahead to the playoffs getting underway on Saturday, Nov. 4, you’re also probably thinking about the Calgary Stampeders.

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STOP THE INSANITY!!! two, count them 2 wins in a row, start the parade…the first one was Saskatchewan, that’s right SASKATCHEWAN while coming off a bye week and just pulled that one out of their butts late in the game. The win over BC on the other hand was well deserved, but any one team can have a bad game. It’s difficult to beat the same team twice in a short time, not to mention BC will be incredibly motivated after that dismal display at home in addition BC will be coming off their bye week. This makes a good “nobody puts Calgary in the corner” story, but seriously BC will cake walk this WSF @ home… might even have a chance to break the V formation record, perhaps 7 maybe 8 in a row. Sorry Calgary you’re just not ready… nice hair though.