CFL Simulation: Stamps roll into the playoffs

What you fail to appreciate is that the game was meaningless, yet you take a one point victory in an exhibition game as being a sure sign that the Stamps have the Cup in the bag. No perspective there. If the Stamps hadn’t come back or missed the game winning field goal and lost 12-10 or 12-11 I fail to see how that would have made a difference. Would you have anointed the Bombers as certain champs in that case and acknowledged that the Stamps were going nowhere? No way. And that would be correct. So why do you do the opposite just because the Stamps eked out a win in a game that they were dominated thoroughly by the Bombers second stringers?

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No it isn’t. If another team has better second stringers than the other it does not mean they are better off. Since again the vast majority of the game are played by STARTERS. That is why in the CFL there is smt called the starting formation. Second of all injuries in a game are a freak accident and very rare so again the second stringers barely play any games. So again the bombers starters are significantly better than the stamps and it isn’t even close. In almost every position they are better than Calgary. Bombers in every position of the game wether it is quarterback or running backs or any position are number one or number two. Their only weakness is kicking which they seemed to have fixed with Castillo arrival. Their secondary as well has gotten far far better. When the probabilities from the cfl simulation and the past 10 champions heavily favour the bombers their might be a reason for that.

To somewhat of a the possibility they have improved since the beginning of the season. That my friend -is where it ends. After that slight win, last Saturday, where is if the bombers had played the time clock better, and obtained one first down ( to which they would have if OShea had placed Coleris back in for one down) Cow Town would have lost. It seemed that the stumps players after beating the bombers in a nothing game, had won the this year's grey cup!!! pretty funny.

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lol I don't if I would say the Stamps were dominated LOL
The Stamps dug deep when it mattered and got the win, and DOMINATED the last 6 minutes, as such the are heading into post season on a high, and a little doubt goes the Bombers way... I'm just having to repeat myself now.

3 questions:

  1. Injuries are freak and rare!????
  2. You are discounting the importance of special teams????
  3. Why is an Al's fan so concerned about the west right now????

LOL Stamps smoked there ass the last 6 mins- simple.... Stamps are 6-1 second half of season..... the game certainly was not as important as the Grey Cup or earlier regular season games...but it was important.

  1. Answer yes most injuries in life are usually freak accidents. The same can be said about the sport of football
  2. The bombers have one of the best punt returns and kick return players in the game in janarion grant. Which i am surprised you don’t know him since he has destroyed Calgary on a lot of occasions. Yes their kicking has been a problem all year but that is why castillo is now with them who iirc is pretty good at this whole kicking thing
  3. Why does it matter if I am an als fan or not.

lol comparing freak accidenst in life to those that happen in football is weak sauce ... injuries happen all the time in football and its common to have a few in a game.
spcial teams is where all those 2nd stringer play... so ours is better

So if injuries are not freak accident. Bombers still have an advantage. Since most of their starters are well rested while Calgary if they meet with the bombers will be more fatigued which means more beaten up and more likely to get injured. Bombers used to be far worse in special teams but they just got Castillo who is one of the best kickers in the game so they fixed that issues fast. Bombers also got the best special team tackler in the game in mike Miller who is leagues above Calgary. Bombers have a return team that is as good if not better with the likes of grant who has destroyed Calgary when he plays against them. So again Calgary special team if good is barely good now due to the Castillo addition. So in that one aspect Calgary are better but not by that much since Castillo fixes their kicking problems, Miller is better than anyone on special teams tackles and grant being more of a father to the stamps. Now let’s look at offense and defense shall we. Oh yeah it isn’t even a debate bombers destroy the stamps in that aspect. Zach is better than bo this year and it isn’t even close. Bombers have four number one receivers in lawler, adams, demski and Bailey. Who the stamps have begelton and Jordan so yeah edge bombers in that. Running back Carey been better but again bombers have way more depth in that position. Oline let’s not even argue bombers destroy the stamps. Defense is also not a debate the bombers this year have four players that can compete for best defensive player in big hill, Jefferson, jeffcoat, and Alexander. All four can also compete for mop. While the rest of their position is again the best or second best in each. So if your reasoning for why Calgary will win is the special team which is super close now with Castillo and injuries( which again Calgary are more likely to get hurt ). Your reasoning is flawed and easily debunkable.

You are right. Calgart may very well be more likely to suffer from injuries for the WF , all the better reason that have great backups....thank you for making my point sir

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