CFL Simulation: Stamps roll into the playoffs

TORONTO — If you’ve watched the Calgary Stampeders roll through the second half of the regular-season and wonder what they might be capable of, you’re not alone.

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The Stamps are definitely rolling!

Calgary - Toronto

I recall when Calgary and Toronto played and Calgary was the top dog and the Argo's the little dog. In the last couple of minutes, Beggleton fumbles on the Argo 5 yard line and it was returned for the winning touchdown.

Payback time for Beggleton! Go Stamps, and yes that includes BLM. When you make your disparaging remarks about BLM ask yourself if you would have rather had him for your QB over the last 9 seasons - even though he would have been on a worse team and therefore not done as well.

Rankings, odds, simulations… Think I’ll just watch the games.

So according to the explanation of the odds given, the Montreal loss to Ottawa, the Rider loss to Hamilton and the Calgary win over Winnipeg seem to have influenced the change in % a lot.....??? Now that is just silly

"In the last couple of minutes, Beggleton fumbles on the Argo 5 yard line and it was returned for the winning touchdown."

Payback time would be great but it was Kamar Jordan that had the fumble. Begelton was not on the roster that year.

A good case can be made for Calgary being favoured over Sask based on their records against each other and against Winnipeg. That said the better team doesn't always win. As we all know in one game whoever has the hot or cold hand or in some cases a bit of luck can end up winning or losing. I think right now Calgary is the better team and the only reason they aren't ahead of Sask in the standings is due to a slow start with a very young team and no preseason to try out and prepare players.

As usual this site specializes in kissing Calgary's ass. TSN at it's worst.

Rolling what? Joints?

Odds to win GC:

Winnipeg 62.8%
Calgary. 12.48%

No math major but that’s like 5x the roll.

Lol I don't care about your silly stats..... maybe in the bye week you can come up with a better logo than the one any 8 year old with a white pencil crayon and stencil kit could make...

The stats aren’t mine. They are the ones put forward by the simulator that started this thread. Or did you not read that? Obviously the simulator doesn’t count exhibition games.

Whatever you think of the classic Bomber logo, at least we have the best uniforms while you have the worst.

The Bombers color scheme is nice...but the logo is amateur hour... like your 2nd stringers

Mr Stallion sounds like a grumpy old man who hasn't been fed lately.
And certainly not loved - or even liked.
Bless the old man.

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whats tsn got to do with it??

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@ Touchdown-horse : Sorry , right Teams but wrong player. It was Kamar Jorden not Beggleton that made the fumble on the 5 yardline against Toronto.

…yelling at the moon was an option too but the poster probably thought that was a little far-fetched..

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I have honestly never seen a person overrate a game by the second stringers that much. Fun fact but the grey cup games are not played by second stringers only. There is no rule that states that. They are player by the starters, hence the name starters. Btw acting as if the bombers can’t replace their starters is ridiculous. The secondary of this year compared to when they won it all was completely different yet it is now the best secondary in the league. Since the game are played by starters, let’s actually compare the starters. Four of the five positions in the oline goes to Winnipeg with ease, since they are the best of their position. Zach is most likely winning the mop this year so the best qb plays in Winnipeg. The defensive line is the best in the league with two of them being in the top 5 one of them is a favourite for the mop as well. They have the best linebacker on the planet and that is considered their weak spot on defense. Their secondary is second to none in the league with almost every player on that secondary being the best in the league. They are blessed by having three number one receivers and have two number one running back. So again when it comes to starters no one even sniff Winnipeg. After Winnipeg the best starters play in Hamilton and Toronto. So pls stop talking

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First off.. the Bombers didn't just play 2nd stringers last week.. that is in fact impossible given the roster size....secondly your 2nd stringers still play in every single game...whether it specific packages, injuries or special teams....therefore the team with better 2nd stringers is better off...

So then neither did Calgary.

No kidding hey!?