CFL Simulation: Picking a Grey Cup winner

TORONTO — The 109th Grey Cup is upon us and we finally know who will have a shot at making history on Sunday, Nov. 20.

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These percentages would change if Collaros can't go. Too bad something like that couldn't be factored in so that we could see those results.

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Honestly, I doubt anything would change if Dru Brown started the Grey Cup. Zach was unremarkable in the West Final but that game was never really in doubt. Winnipeg’s defense should keep the Argos’ scoring low and special teams should provide solid field position. And if they can run the ball like they did against BC, then they really don’t need a spectacular performance at QB to put points on the board. As long as he isn’t terrible, they should be just fine.

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Nope, the Argo bounce will give the edge and a win to the undeserving Toronto Fans. Too many GC have been determined by weather and bad officials.

Toronto has better odds than you think. The number of rider fans at the game that want nothing more than a Winnipeg loss will make it oddly close