CFL Simulation: Looking at nine possible GC matchups

TORONTO β€” With the playoff picture having fully come together in Week 20, the CFL Simulation is back with a new look.

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So if Calgary is favoured over BC in the simulation, why is Calgary number 3 in the Power Rankings?

Looking likely a Bombers 3 peat. They have the depth and consistency. But how will they be greeted by a predominantly Riders crowd?

who cares how they are greeted by the crowd. they beat the Tiger-Cats right in their back yard last season can't get any more hostile than that.

1 Like and their stupid Stamps bias. i'm sure if the Lions beat them in the WSF they will rank the Stamps first everywhere.

The rivalry between the prairie provinces is very strong and spirited. However, because we're both prairie provinces, I think we both tend to support the other team if our team is no longer in the running. As much as I've cheered loudly against the Riders whenever they're at IGField, I have supported them whenever the Bombers are out of the playoffs. If the Bombers make it to the Grey Cup again as projected, I expect the Mosaic crowd to actually be like a home crowd and not just because of the fans travelling from Winnipeg, imho.


i wonder if anyone will get beat up for wearing the wrong football jersey?

That and the Bombers played the RoughRiders in Regina, in the western final in 2019.
I don't know how many Rider fans will be at the game. Judging by the last 2 regular season games the crowds where pretty thin. I'm guessing a lot of them are selling off their Grey Cup tickets as we speak.

Being from the west, I've always cheered for the western team. If the Stamps or Lions beat the Bombers in the western final I'll cheer for them.

I remember back in '91 the first Grey Cup game held in Winnipeg. Calgary vs Toronto. Back then the Argos where owned by Bruce McNall, Wayne Gretzky and John Candy. When the Argos stepped onto the field, they got booed. Gretzky and Candy are looking around wondering why their team is getting booed. Eastern team playing in the west.... your gonna get booed.


Probably because the simulation and the power rankings have nothing to do with each other.

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Agreed! A big Bomber fan, but when we were out , I cheered for Sask.
It’s sorta a sibling thing.

Several weeks back both bobo and I made prediction's final standings.

Bobo's picks
Toronto..........11...7... :heavy_check_mark:
Montreal.........9....9... :heavy_check_mark:
Hamilton........6...12... X
Ottawa...........4....14... :heavy_check_mark:

Winnipeg....15...3... :heavy_check_mark:
B.C..............11....7... X
Sask.............6....12... :heavy_check_mark:
Edm.............6.....12 X

WeGotTheCup picks
Toronto 11 - 7 :heavy_check_mark:
Montreal 10 - 8 X
Saskatchewan 9 - 9 X

Winnipeg 15 - 3 :heavy_check_mark:
BC 12 - 6 :heavy_check_mark:
Calgary 12 - 6 :heavy_check_mark:

CFL final standings
Toronto 11 - 7
Montreal 9 - 9
Hamilton 8 - 10

Winnipeg 15 - 3
BC 12 - 6
Calgary 12 - 6

Seams like bobo knows the East while I know the West better.