CFL Simulation: Liking the Riders' chances

TORONTO — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have taken their fans on a journey this season.

They got out to a 3-1 start before quarterback Trevor Harris went down with a broken leg back in Week 6. The team battled through Harris’ departure and had managed to stay afloat in the West Division behind the quarterbacking of Mason Fine and Jake Dolegala. When the Riders topped the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in their OK Tire Labour Day Weekend matchup, the team used that rare win against their prairie rival to climb to 6-5.

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Interesting that Toronto has only lost 2 games this season (Bombers lost 4) yet this article gives the Bombers a greater chance of Appearing in the Grey Cup then Toronto as well as winning the Grey Cup than Toronto.
Sure seems like a bias for the Bombers rather than an unbiased stats calculation.
Also it does not factor in the fact that Winnipeg has a time zone change that Toronto doesn’t


Not to mention how Dinwiddie got into the Bombers’ heads by starting Dukes and STILL almost beating them. And that’s on top of stealing the Cup out of their hands last year. Big psychological edge to the Argos in a possible Cup rematch, but I guess this model isn’t taking that into consideration.

Or maybe it’s just saying that Montreal and Hamilton (2 teams trending up) will be a tougher road then BC( can’t really trend up at this point, great team) and whoever does make the 3 spot.

Sim is officially broken. Riders’ odds went from 48% to 57% after losing to the team they’re battling with for the final spot.
Make it make sense

But I’m thinking that you can’t look at the games in isolation. Last week, BC notched a victory on the road against a tough opponent (Hamilton). My guess is that the simulation takes this into account, thereby issuing a higher power index for the Leos.

As long as the bombers lose and y’all can stfu about a dynasty that was born out of a short Covid year.

I for one have not compared this run of success to a dynasty. Those days in sports are done.

2019 wasn’t a short Covid year. It was Matt Nichols taking that team to 7-2, and the Collaros finding his new home to finish the job in dominating fashion against a great Hamilton team.

3 strait Grey Cup apperances in the past 3 seasons, winning 2 of them, that’s pretty good.

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