CFL Simulation: Breaking down the possibilities

TORONTO — After an eventful Week 14 that saw Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary pick up wins, the CFL Simulation got to work and came to some interesting conclusions.

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No disrespect to Toronto, i strongly believe they are number 3 team in the league (right now) , but surprised to see the odds to appear in cup are higher than the bombers, especially considering status of Harris

I thought we shot & killed this simulator last year. It's BAAAACK!

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That’s only because they are in the East and have a much easier road to the Cup. The odds for them to win it are only 20% while the odds that the Bombers win are 60%. If Toronto was in the West their odds to make it to the big game would be minuscule.

With MacBeth as their QB - the odds are 0.00 %

When I think of anything Toronto I always think of number 2.

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"Based on the data its seen to this point, the simulation is predicting them (the Bombers) to run the table for the rest of the season and finish with a 16-2 record. "

If the Bombers ran the table, wouldn't they be 17-1? Can't see that happening though, as they will play most of their backups for the final 2-3 games again.

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Any simulation is a lot of assumptions and guess work but it is typically accurate enough to get discussions and opinions off to the races. At least it seems to have more accuracy than a certain sports network that has run a story about the Riders clinging to a faint hope of making the playoffs tonight. The simulator says they have an 83% chance - I guess their definition of faint hope is a little different from mine.


You must suspend all your previously known definitions of 'faint hope' here.

Our fabulous CFL Simulator's '83% chance' refers to the 'Eastern Cross-over' spot that's quickly opening up in the East. As long as the two worst teams in that awful division continue to implode... the Riders will be favored to run Roughshod (pun intended) in the upcoming playoffs over their two remaining Eastern opponents.

Shall I cue the Twilight Zone Episode music as your jaw hits the floor?