CFL Simulation: Bombers rolling, Als rising up

TORONTO — The 10-1 record, the eight-game win streak and the most recent body of work — a 45-0 win over BC — all speak for themselves when it comes to defining the dominance of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers this season.

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When I was a child, we had a TV set that would go on the fritz, you would have to bang the side of the set to fix it


Let me at that simulator, I can fix it

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The Simulator results is where we stand right now. It is going to change before the end of the regular season for sure. If we take the East, and look at the games to be played by TO. Mtl. and Ham., we see that Mtl. has a much more difficult schedule than either TO or Ham. We very well could see Mtl. finishing in third place, in the Division. Having said that, I enjoy the snap shot of where we are at a specific moment in time and leave it at that.

Not sure if that would fix it, but it would certainly be fun!

As a Bomber fan, the simulation numbers are always fun to look at but my biggest concern is that Winnipeg has nothing to gain but everything to lose. Looking back over the years, its great having a regular season but means nothing if you don't end up winning the Grey Cup. More times than not, the team finishing first in the regular season isn't the last team standing, just ask Hamilton when they had a great season in 2019 only to come up short when it counted most. Have my fingers crossed that won't happen to the Bombers this year.

Don't forget that Montréal will be playing a Bomber team that won't be playing for anything except staying healthy and sharp. They very well could be playing all backups by the end of the 1st qtr in those two games against the Champs

I agree Bombers should be filtering in some backups, typically teams don't, I suspect Bombers won't unless or until late in the 4th quarter and they have a commanding lead for the next two games. Not very likely until the second half in Calgary either.

Keep in mind, they are resting this week and again in the WSF Nov 28,

O'Shea will want the team ready. Just don't want to see another Kevin Glenn episode. :pray:

I strongly support the first recommendation. :bangbang: We used to adjust the rotor or the rabbit ears. :rofl: