CFL Simulation: Bombers grow more dominant

TORONTO —  With another week of regular-season action in the books, we saw things at the top stay the same, with some interesting movement throughout the league.

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers would like to thank CFL Simulation for prematurely awarding us the 2021 Grey Cup so far in advance. We'd also like to thank all of the other teams who participated this year... in particular those who decided not to improve in the trenches. Our MOP for this year's Cup is likely recovering from one form of addiction or another but is grateful for having been given yet another chance and would like to 'turn the page' and move on to 2022.

Thanks again and better luck next year you other 8 teams! :smiley: :+1:

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Does anyone know the book value, of a CFL simulator in very poor working condition :question: :desktop_computer:

P.S. Any reasonable offer will be reviewed. The CFL needs the money to help support the Argos & Lions :rofl:

As with all outdated computer stuff you can't even give it away. Fortunately recycling options are improving.

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