CFL Simulation: (Almost) all roads lead to Winnipeg

TORONTO — It’s only fitting that in the first CFL Simulation of the 2022 season, that we start things off talking about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Nice but how about you predict the 109th grey cup matchups!

Toronto 6-5 and Wpg 11-1. Tor has 71.88% chance of being in Cup, Wpg 55.41. The math makes sense, but man!

No better example of how unfair the current set up is to Western teams. Please change to one division next year.

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I do have some fondness for the tradition of an East West Cup, but we already have a crossover, so it's past time for a change. Theoretically at least, a Grey Cup featuring Winnipeg versus Calgary, Winnipeg versus BC, or Calgary versus BC , especially if Rourke is available, are all more intriguing than any East West final.

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