CFL Simulation: All eyes on the Stamps

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders’ win over the East-leading Toronto Argonauts carried some weight in this week’s CFL Simulation.

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if Sask can win on Friday night, they clinch the crossover playoff berth.

These simulations get weirder every week. Last week Toronto was the next greatest thing. I think they need to adjust the algorithms that seem to place too much emphasis on the last game. A quick check with the oddsmakers and reality will tell you that Calgary is not the favourite to win the Grey Cup at present.

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A little confused how Calgary beating Toronto at home makes the the favourites to rep the west in the Grey Cup. Very glad they do play the games, not rely on a simulation. Will be a fun run down the stretch.

Technically, no. Riders would have 2 games left vs Calgary. They could easily lose those. Hamilton would have 3 games left - one with Calgary & 2 with Ottawa. A win in all 3 would leave the 2 teams tied @ 7 wins apiece. Riders have to have more points than the Eastern club to get a crossover. But the winner of this upcoming game has the inside track to get a playoff spot IMO. A Hamilton win gives them 5 wins, Riders stay @ 6. It is not unlikely the TiCats beat Ottawa twice, which would give them 7 wins. Riders would then have to beat Stamps twice. Neither team can affort to lose this game. :sunglasses:

I know Ottawa will not win the East but Hamilton eliminated twice? Now that is rough...

Is the simulation model guided by mapquest...recalculating...recalculating. :crazy_face:

this is how sask makes the playoffs.

They Beat Hamilton and Ham splits their series with ottawa

They beat Hamilton and split with calgary

They have to beat hamilton

OK so the simulation states odds to win the West for Calgary shows elininated, but goes on to say Odds for Calgary to appear in the Grey cup is 48.77% (second only to toronto) and odds to win the Grey cup is 40.64%. (The highest of any team) The most likey grey cup match up is Calgary & Toronto with 34.5% (highest of any teams match up) The only way to appear or win in the Grey Cup is to win the West (Western Teams)! So how could Calgary be eliminated from that task?? And still have best chance to win??
Also they are rubbing in that Hamilton has no chance of winning the East by stating they are eliminented twice and no mention of Ottawa for that task???

As a Bomber fan I was wondering that myself…doesn’t match up?

Calgary? Bombers are 13 and 2 with backups. By the time the playoffs start we will have most of the regulars back. Look out Stamps...the Bombers will be loaded and dialled in.

Pretty sure they mean finish first in the West division. Not the West final. For me it still doesn’t make sense that Calgary would have the Highest odds to make it out of the west considering they have lost to Winnipeg 3 times.

odds are to win the west (Read: Regular season---not playoffs)

I have lamented for years about the lack of a skilled proofreader for this site.

No not "all eyes".