CFL Simulation: A tight race develops in the East

TORONTO — With each win, each week, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are seizing statistical control of CFL Simulation. The defending Grey Cup champs have looked every bit the part in their 6-1 start and as you scroll through the probabilities of every post-season scenario, you’ll see that they all start with the Bombers.

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Can't wait for the brilliant comments about how these percentages are a joke

This computer is strictly out to lunch if it thinks that the REDBLACKS will go 5- 4 down the stretch and end up with an 6 - 8 record on the season . :rofl:

Thanks for the laughs though ... silly computer . :laughing:


Simulation projected win/loss record for the rest of the year:

WPG: 4-3
MTL: 5-4
OTT: 5-4
BCL: 4-4
HAM: 4-4
TOR: 4-4
EDM: 4-4
CGY: 3-4
SSK: 3-5

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Off the top I'd say that's a totally crap sim.

... but then again this has been the most f'd up year EVAR!


I decided to bookmark this page. So when the real Grey Cup Game takes place in 2021-I can laugh my fucking ass off with this outrageous simulator nonsense. If the CFL wants to help market their product, think outside the box.:face_with_monocle: :rage:

P.S. Please send a CC to Commissioner Randy Ambrosie !


Ace!! language, language! You're shocking me & my delicate sensibilities(lol):grin:


This is the future folks. We won't actually play games where men could get hurt & crowds could get diseases, we'll just let a computer do it all for us.

Hamilton at 7 and7 is curious.they have 4 wins and 5 home games left.they haven't lost in the donut box in years

I've never heard of this donut box that you speak of but I do know that the Cats are on a 12 game winning streak at home at THF .

That's my point .they rarely lose in the donut do know what Tim hortons makes .all my friends call it that

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names , names I need names because I don't know anyone who calls it that .

Donut box ... I like it. :+1:

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Betting nearly every team in the league plays 500 for rest of season pretty much is a laughable SIM

Even more odd is one of only 2 teams to have a losing record is ... Saskatchewan ???
(And with Calgary as only other team, they think 2 West teams will have losing records, 2 West teams finish at 500, and only 1 West team has a winning record; Winnipeg who goes a mere 4-3 in next 7 games???
While Montreal & Ottawa outperform all West teams and the GTHA teams???

This is randomness and not an ounce of reality

And Sask and Calgary play each other 3 times in the next 4 weeks. They can't BOTH lose ...

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Maybe they get a covid forfeit who knows lol