CFL Simulation: A Grey Cup rematch

I was there at gate 2 waiting to give them to you but you didn't show, something about a missed FG???? Bombers by 24 in the Tabbies litter box on Sunday.... Book it.

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Oh, you must have been the guy toting the ATM. I missed the action. Only giving 24 this week?

Hamilton has as good a DL as anybody in the league. The TiCat DT's with Wynn & Laurent are better than the Bomber duo. Bombers have edge on the outside but Ja'Gared Davis has arguably been the best D man in the playoffs. I think the TiCats match up very well with the Bombers. They had 3 receivers in top 13 & finally got Banks back. Lawler's production dropped off in latter half.

Defensive lines kinda match up... except WE have a 'Stove' and you guys have no appliances whatsoever as run stoppers. :partying_face:


You forgot about the 80s - in the space of 7 years the Bombers won 3 Cups - 1984, 1988 and 1990


We also got really spoiled. Too much of a good thing I think. I can't wait to get spoiled again. :smiley: :+1:

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The fire must be blinding for pants. But some only see what they want to see.

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TiCats - 1st vs the run, 79.6 yds per game this year. Bombers good, but....not best. Well, hard to overlook the 3 Cups in late 80's after the Esks just finished going to 12 Cups in 15 years & won 7. Yeah, Bombers had a good run - just overshadowed a bit. My apologies.

Oh c'mon. If you had our roster (and you very well might after free agency) you'd be singing their praises too. I'm going to enjoy this bit of luck while I can. Next year we're going to get fleeced.

Maaax. I don't hate the Bombers. In fact, I really like O'Shea & Collaros. Real good guys. I just think they're overhyped. Are they a team that is just going to bury Hamilton? I don't see it. I picked them over the Riders but they underperformed. The Riders had a lot of holes. No deep passing game, OL was awful so full credit to the Riders but if you can't win when the other team turns the ball over 6 times, that says a lot more to me about the Riders than the Bombers. I see 2 teams in the TiCats & Bombers who are very evenly matched. But yeah, if I was a Bomber fan I'd be singing their praises. Not sure I want the roster. More guys who'll be 31 & over than anyone next year. Hamilton 2nd in that category by my count. I expect a slew of changes.

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Anyone that thinks Winnipeg is going to come into Hamilton and take the Grey Cup from us is dreaming.

This is our 4th attempt in 8 years. We will not be denied again, especially not on our turf.

We're going to bury the bombers, Winnipeg might even forfeit at the half it'll be so bad for them.


I’ll weigh in with my take.

I don’t think there is much argument that the Bombers are the best team on paper or that they have played like it all year. Their generational defence allowed the least amount of points since 1970, despite two full garbage time games. They force the opposing offence to put up the “gone fishin” sign in the fourth quarter, every single time ( not counting exhibition). Despite this all being true we all know any team can lose a one off game. So I ask myself again, how can the Bombers lose when they have the better personnel and better lines

Before their last game I said they only way they could lose is if they beat themselves via turnovers and penalties. Well it almost came true. But the fact that it didn’t makes the Bombers even less beatable this week , as Jim Barker was pointing out after the game. It could of course happen again, and if it did, unlike Sask, Hamilton might even be able to take advantage of it. Although it could happen , I would suggest that a team as proficient with the turnover ratio all year won’t allow it to happen again and the Bombers don’t even need to win the turnover battle, they just need to be close to even. Hamilton needs to win the turnover battle I think.

The Bombers remained cool and poised despite the many shots to the foot last game. That’s actually pretty scary. No one ever wins a game in the playoffs where they start out down 5-0 in turnovers in the first half alone. At least I think not. Elias sports bureau where are you? So the Bombers checked off the box saying they hadn’t faced adversity this year which was supposedly a weakness.

Many posted about the fact they hadn’t faced adversity as a weakness and some also suggested rust could be a factor. Check that box too. Rust wasn’t even a factor last week as they came out with what should have been two TD’s in the first five minutes. It was mistakes rather than rust that almost did them in.

The other potential weakness I see posted about all of the time is what would happen if they lose Collaros? Well you kind of saw a bit of that last week when Collaros was killing them in the first half with 3 picks, one not his fault. You could say they lost Collaros for a half last week and even in the second half he was doing his best I’m too frozen to play Doug Flutie imitation. Although as a Bomber fan I would prefer Collaros not get hurt, if he does at some point and the Bombers are leading, I see know reason why their defence couldn’t close out the game on its own. So I would say that box is sort of checked. And let’s not forget that the Ticats are not exempt from this problem either. Dane has played little this year and will be facing the two Jeffs with what Hamilton fans are saying is a substandard Oline. If he goes down he will be replaced by maybe the most experienced backup in the league in Masoli, but the same Masoli who didn’t show up for the first place game a few weeks ago and was completely underwhelming last week. Hardly money in the bank.

One caveat. All bets are off if there is horrible weather and/or the field is like a curling rink. Then we may as well just have a coin toss. Bad weather always hurts the stronger team more and it’s not really as simple as saying both teams have to play in the same conditions.

I have gone through my personal analysis of potential Bomber weaknesses as objectively as possible and I must predict a Bomber victory. My final consideration is that they dominated the Ticats in the Grey Cup two years ago and that this Bomber team is better than the one two years ago and this Ticat team is not as good as the one two years ago. So I’ll stick with that Einstein thing about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Bombers by 17.


Wow... I'm going to need chapters and commercial breaks if your posts get much longer Jon. Otherwise thumbs up. :grin: :+1:

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Yeah sorry. I hadn’t looked at the forum for close to a day and that was one of two I wanted to respond to. I didn’t want to come off as a total homer so wanted to give some reasons. I was hoping to be shorter but got carried away.I seem to think better than I write.

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You forget the Mosca factor, won in Hamilton in '72. Now we're playing at home again, and Mosca is up above helping inspire us to another home victory.

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LEts not forget that Addison will be back , and what if the cats decided to start Masoli!? That might throw the bombers off a bit, but I have a feeling we'll see alot of both QBs!! They been saying all season it's gonna take both guys to achieve their goal! I see the cats using both Evans and Masoli , Something like that could definitely throw Winnipeg's game plan off track! Addison will also need to be recognized cause if he is overlooked by WPG, he could do some serious damage! I don't think it will be a blowout like most in here are thinking, I feel Cats will win 26-24. Look back at past Grey Cup games, the favorite ends up losing !! CGY lost to Tor, CGY lost to OTT, Ham lost to WPG, that's just a few that I can remember, this year Ham gonna beat WPG! Gonna be a better game than 2019. Go Cats Go

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I do hope it is a good game. We’ll see.

I think the Bombers are more worried about
Evans than Masoli, given his recent track record. It has also been pointed out that the Bombers have no recent footage on Evans to study. If they alternate QB’s it will be no more confusing for Winnipeg than it will be for Hamilton. If they need to put Masoli in because Evans isn’t getting it done, then I think the game will already be lost. It would be better for the Bombers if Hamilton alternated or brought Masoli in cold at times. Better than leaving Evans in and having him play as well as he did last week. I don’t think they will though unless Evans sucks or is hurt. We’ll see.

The Bombers, I think, have little concern about the Hamilton receivers. None of them stand out, but presumably if your QB had time to throw to them they will catch their fair share as they are professionals. You could have Jerry Rice running pass routes without success if your QB is running for his life all day. I feel the ability of Hamilton to protect their QB, or not, will be crucial. We’ll see.

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Winnipeg won by one point in the 1962 Fog Bowl.
Then Hamilton won in 1963, 1965,1967.
They would have won in 1962 day 2 if the officials had caught the Dick Thornton pass interference call on Prince Hal.
Time for Hamilton to win a few in the 20's.

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