CFL Simulation: A Grey Cup rematch

HAMILTON — There are two teams left standing in the 2021 CFL season and as we all know, they’re the same two that stood at the end of the 2019 campaign.

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I picked these two teams to be in the final and initially I was all in on the Bombers. But after watching the games this weekend I am not ready to pick them. It is far far closer a match up than I anticipated a couple months ago. Bombers are no longer "heavy" favorites in my mind. If Evans keeps up his play as the TiCat QB I can picture an upset next week. On top of that, Hamilton will have revenge on their mind and it is no coincidence that the game sold out today. The Bombers will be in a loud hostile stadium. 2013 was a definite disadvantage for Hamilton playing in front of a crowd in Regina against the Riders. I see their fortunes are beginning to change and Cinderella may be dressed in black and Gold. All the pressure is on Winnipeg.

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With all the pressure that was on the Bombers in front of their home crowd and turning over the ball 6 times, I think that they reveled in the challenge! I see that they thrive under pressure.

I think that the pressure will actually be on Hamilton since they have the loss in the last Cup to atone for as well as having the immense pressure from their hometown crowd expecting them to win!

All the pressure is on Winnipeg? Ridiculous!

we are playing as the underdog.

where we generally thrive.

Even though we are hosting, BB's will be favoured...and expected to win.

If there is any pressure on the Cats for playing at home it's evened out by being the underdog.

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kellyhelen is spot on. Never heard of anyone turning the ball over 6 times "thriving" on pressure. Squeezing the ball too tight. Lucky the Riders didn't take advantage. Some fans (read Bomber fans) have been talking the team up as one of the great teams ever. Lose & they'll be seen as chokers. Put them up there with the 15-2-1 Stamps, 16-0 Patriots. No pressure - c'mon. Lots of false bravado there.


Have to agree with that. The Bombers were about 8 point favorites against Sask and I understand opening line is about 3.5 point favorites for GC. If I was a betting man I would run, not walk, to lay money on the Bombers on those incredibly charitable odds.

For one, this year at least, the Bombers have generally been hailed as far and away the best team with a defence that gave up the least points per game since about 1970. If they were not they surely would have lost a game where they gave away the ball 6 times. In fact I have never seen anyone win a game when turning it over 6 times, 5-0 at one point. And many, including myself, thought that turnovers was they only way they could lose. We were proven wrong, I am happy to say.

And that is taking nothing away from Sask who played a great game and tried their hearts out. I do believe that Sask is at least as good as and probably better than Hamilton. So I just don’t see a way for Hamilton to win. I think of this as being comparable to a Stanley Cup champion winning in Game 7 of OT in the first or second round and then steamrolling the opposition. I think Winnipeg will be pretty disgusted with themselves for the turnovers and that you will see a different Winnipeg team on Sunday. I don’t mind a close game but I really don’t think Hamilton will be within 20 at the end of the game. The horses just aren’t there and the Winnipeg D, who almost single-handedly won yesterday’s game, is too good.


Ok, the word ALL may be over the top. But I will say that way more pressure lies on Winnipeg Sunday. Very little on Hamilton. No one really gave them a chance, they struggled all season, could not get a QB to really take control of the team all year. Looked like they would finish third in the East for a while. has been more like "it was never in doubt" comments that Bomber fans on this site have been using...fair enough, the Goliath statement (Dickenson) was meant just for what it was. Their will be an IMMENSE amount of pressure on Winnipeg Sunday. After yesterdays game I think Hamilton sees a crack in Goliaths armour!


O’Shea was seen today opening a big jar of armour putty!


lol. good one!

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Well, here we go again. "I just don't see a way for Hamilton to win", you say. Let me quote John Hodge, the Winnipeg contributor on 3DownNation ONE more time. His research found 11 teams since 2001 locked up 1st place a month before the season ended. Winnipeg makes 12 in 20 seasons. That's 60% of the time that what the Bombers did has been accomplished this century. FIVE of those 11 won the Cup. Less than 50%. The 8 game winning streak - ho hum. Stamps had 14 one year, another had 12 & another 7 had runs of 8 wins or 9-1 to 12-1 runs. Eight of the 11 had 3 losses over a FULL schedule. ALL of those teams should have been big favourites to win the CUP. You don't see ANY WAY, not ANY WAY the Cats can win?? WOW. Jon, history says they have a good chance of winning. For the record, I'll take the Cats. What's the saying? It's how you finish. Cats are 8-1 after the win Saturday & playing @ home. Had the Bombers been playing AWAY & coughed the ball up 6 times, might have been a different story - who knows. Cats played really well. Bombers, well, 6 turnovers. That's what they call an ugly win. Paint it any way you want but that's not good football. Good luck to your team, Jon.


You are correct, it’s not good football. My point is that I don’t think it will happen again and the rest of the game by Winnipeg, especially by their defence and Harris, was good football. I thought theBombers could lose because of turnovers but even that now seems doubtful. Good luck to the Ticats as well, who I note I have been saying for 6 weeks or so would make it to the GC.

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Bombers will win by a bigger margin than 2019. I'll jump all over the 3.5, we'll see that at 7.5 by gametime. Hamilton will be thrown around just as they were in 2019.

Also the pressure is all on Hamilton, 21 years worth. That monkey is off the Bombers back, and history shows the Bombers win GC's in bunches.


Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't you the one that saw a 30+ pt win in the final? Bombers want to do what hasn't been done in decades - win 2 & a row. Lose & that so called "great" season, Mack, is for nought. The Bombers went to 7 GC's in those 30 years & lost a bunch. They had a "bunch" of wins once, way back in the 60's - history shows.

C'mon... you were entertained too right?! This was a fun game to watch!!! :smiley: :+1:


O'Shea himself looked shaken on the sidelines as his team floundered and Collaros kept licking his fingers before throwing the ball as if that was an aid in freezing, icy cold weather. Haha, it was great that the Riders gave them all shock-treatment ( excluding Harris ) :face_with_monocle: yes indeed, the bombers were stressed.

Their offence, and in particular Collaros, were certainly fighting it for a time after all those turnovers. But I didn’t see their defence looking stressed at any time.


Yeah, Riders fan here and I don't think stressed is the right word. Surprised, maybe. But not stressed. I don't even know if I'd go as far as frustrated. I got the sense that the Bombers were confident that they knew they would overcome these challenges and thus had nothing to worry about. And the Riders never really gave them any reason to doubt that.

That said, the Riders were actually very close to pulling off the upset. If Lauther makes that FG or at least gets a single out of it, then the Riders only need another FG to win/tie and the final drive they produced would have given a very good chance at it. Sure, it took a whole lot of Bomber mistakes to enable that scenario and only one Rider mistake to miss it, but the possibility was there.

Hamilton can replicate a similar scenario by keeping the Bomber offense in check. For the Riders, it wasn't necessarily the turnovers themselves that kept them in it but rather the Bombers not ending their drives in points. Two-and-outs can achieve the same effect. And since Hamilton was able to completely shutdown Stanback in the ESF, it's not unreasonable to think they can do the same to Harris. And I think that gives them a real shot at keeping Winnipeg's offense in check.

The only question is whether Hamilton's offense can muster enough success. Having two capable QBs will definitely help. But I think if Hamilton's going to win the game, they're going to need to win the 4th quarter and that's something nobody has managed to do against the Bombers all season. First time for everything, though, right?


Winnipeg WON last year. There is no pressure.
ALL the pressure is on Hamilton - especially at home.

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Some will say the pressure is on the Bombers because of their season and some will believe Hamilton will have the pressure playing in front of their home fans. As a Bomber fan, think that the Western Final did them a huge favour because if any over confidence did creep into their thoughts, the game against the Riders will most certainly have them focused and ready to go, especially being a veteran team. I'm just looking forward to seeing how Evans is going to respond after the 2019 Grey Cup where he was noticeably shaken from all the pressure on him all night long. Have to think it will be in the Bombers game plan to get all over Evans early. Anything can happen and both teams have it in them to win the biggest game of the year but I'm going to pick the Blue Bombers by 3.


Agree, was just about to post something similar. Two major factors,

Hamilton is not as good as the Riders, who gave Winnipeg a hell of a fight, Keep in mind they were gifted with 6 turnovers not very likely to happen two consecutive games. And the Bombers still kept their composure to launch comeback.

Hamilton is too undisciplined, 8 penalties vs 3 in the finals, their only real advantage is they have a quality backup QB,

Pressure = 34 years 1 Grey Cup, playing in front of the home crowd.

If it's close at the half, it's over for Hamilton.