CFL Signs Multi-Year Deal With Upper Deck Trading Cards

Upper Deck had the deal with the CFL for last season but failed to put out a set.

I mentioned the Pruneau card at the RedBlacks practice a couple of days ago and it was overheard by the Ottawa Citizen sports writer who asked Pruneau about it. The local CTV station talked about it yesterday and that's where the story started. The shot of Marcus Henry was shot in Regina or Montreal during the preseason games, I'm guessing it was mis-named by the photographer that Upper Deck hired.

Understandable, being that the two of them are basically identical twins separated at birth. :expressionless:

How much interest is there in collecting the 2015 Upper Deck CFL cards this season? The release date is now September 16th, a single box will run around between $80-90US, from what little information I've found.

I'll be collecting these again this year. I have been waiting for the release date.


As a longtime CFL card collector I can guarantee you nobody in this world has a complete set of the 42 game patch cards that were issued in this set. Only 15 cards of each of the 42 players were made and looking at Ebay for pricing it would cost you at least $3,000-$4,000 maybe even more just to complete this sub-set provided you had the opportunity to purchase all of these 42 cards.

I bought one theyre nice. Look forward to getting more. Ive never gotten em all theyre nice anyways

mightypope, that's crazy, but honestly not surprised. I know the "big deal" that the CFL made about Upper Deck coming in was just about money. Upper Deck didn't have anything else going for them, having gone bankrupt, and losing all their pro teams, the also lost the NCAA licence. I guess they figured the CFL would be a way to get back into the card business. What they didn't do was ask the right question, "how many people in Canada collect CFL cards" It has always been a very select market.

Being involved with the photos for the JOGO cards for 32 years, I had an idea that the market was shallow, but you never had to spend thousands to get complete sets, apart from a few years, they were sold complete.

I guess they'll find out this year.