CFL Signs Multi-Year Deal With Upper Deck Trading Cards

I haven't collected sports cards in 15 years; this is probably going to change all of that. Looks like they are going to do some really cool stuff with this! :lol:

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Just read about this...pretty cool

Those signature cards in particular look really cool. Can't wait to buy a set!

Too bad the card of Jon Cornish has empty bleachers behind him.

This is old news... The CFL already got screwed by Upper Deck....I'm happy about that btw


How did Upper Deck screw the CFL?

Open the link I posted... They signed an exclusive agreement and then never produced any cards until the season was over... At first they never produced any at all, but eventually produced an all-star set...

...they have a full set coming out next month with a bunch of cool features. What's the problem exactly?

Excellent... :thup:

Was the picture taken in Toronto? :wink:

In other news is it not great that we have Burger Kings head offices in in Canada, and isn't it great that the Bay accesses American markets since it was sold to them...
In the end, we aren't a real country anymore, so why even fight it. The second longest relationship ever when it came to a card company and a league was just tossed to the side to get on our knees for America,but there is a bunch of "cool features "to pacify us... God bless America...God bless George Bush.

So I guess Mr Bungle won't be buying a pack of cards when they come out next month. :lol:

What ever happened to Jugo? :lol:

It is Jogo and they have been put out of business by Upper Deck

Upper Deck created problems last year because they didn't issue a set for the 2013 season. It was the first season in 32 years that there hadn't been one. Instead, they produced a small test run for the CFLPA all-stars. For those who collect a set of cards each year, it was disappointing not to have a full league set.

Jogo Inc., in Ottawa, is still producing cards. After the CFLPA gave exclusive card rights to Upper Deck, Jogo went to the CFL Alumni Association and entered an agreement to make cards for retired players. Five sets have been released and two more are planned for this year. There are several Cats in these sets, including McManus and Ezerins. For some reason, though, the Jogo site doesn't list these cards.


But this store in Winnipeg does (and no, I don't work for the store ...).

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The Upper Deck cards are $75 for a box, it is estimated that it will take 5-6 boxes to make one set. There is 1 Doug Flutie autograph card in 960 boxes, good luck finding one. It will cost over a $1000 to complete a set, and that likely will not include all the jersey cards or the Flutie and Moon autographed cards.

From what I understand the Upper Deck cards are being produced in Montreal.

Have fun collecting

I got one! :smiley: :rockin: :smiley: (SP1 your referring too)

I completed full set Offense/Defense/Star Rookie cards and Completed one full set of offense and defense. I have 17 Game Worn Jersey cards, the majority of the "retro O-Pee-chee" cards (need about 8 - 10 out of 50), 2 Autographed cards, 2 Game worn crest cards, 2 Team Patch Cards and 1 Doug Flutie card ... I've spent no where near $1000 (around $650 so far). It took me approximately 6 boxes to complete one set - up to the star rookies cards. It took an additional 2 boxes to get the second set completed up to Offense/Defense complete.

If anyone is looking for "filler" cards 1 - 150 in the series, let me know and we can see what we can work out.

Each box contains just about a complete set of 1 - 100 cards (offense). 101 - 150 is the defense and are more difficult to get (about 12 cards per box). 151 - 180 are the star rookie series (they have about 1 in every 4 packs or roughly 8 per box). Seem to get two jersey cards per box. I got very lucky and got two autograph cards in a single box (both Mike Reilly). The other cards are more scarce and random.

I have no illusions that I'm going to get all the game worn jersey cards, autographed cards, the Doug Flutie and Warren Moon cards. To get everything ... your gonna hafta convince someone to trade or sell the rare cards OR spend a boat load of money on boxes of cards.

Good Luck to everyone!


With Upper deck just getting the agreement to make CFL cards just before the season started they could not put out a set right away because they have no matieral in the form of player pictures.
Sets of Sports Cards come out before and just when the season is about to start. The general series is of photos and player Bio's from the previous season. Upper Deck had none of this.
Now When the season had began they were able to gain the access to the players and begin producing the All Star set. During the season they were able to get to each team and player to but together a more complete league set.

Found this interesting little tidbit,apparently there is a print error involving the REDBLACKS Marcus Henry's pic winding up on Antoine Pruneaus card, no word if this will be corrected in later print run editions of the set.

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You've spent $650 and haven't completed the entire set without the Flutie or Moon autograph cards. If that's the case you won't ever have a complete set, unless you are willing to spend a "boat load" of money, so the estimation of a complete set at $1000 is probably a little low. The way Upper Deck floods the market with cards the chances may increase before the value drops. I heard today that Target is now selling the boxes for less than half the $75. May just be the blaster packs, but worth looking into.