CFL signs great initiative deal with Genius Sports

This is massive. Anyone that follows the CFL from the USA knows the difference in quality and also will now be integrated within a newly formed data venture business that should help a problem the league has had for years.

The NCAA deal is fantastic and fans love it!


Difference in quality between what and what?


No question this is a bigger deal than many imagine. Game changing perhaps and I wouldn't doubt MLSE is behind this. ie:

"This makes the partnership between Genius Sports to provide real-time NFL data to Entain and MGM even more apt"

And to go further data, data, data, sharing data, using data for whatever purposes, acquiring data you name it, in all realms and even in brain science, so a company like Genius Sports has an idea. Facebook is all about this what whatever you have liked on Facebook they will pump ads to your profile, they know what you like, who you like, when you like, how much you like and what you want to spend money on. They KNOW YOU in more ways than many imagine. Never underestimate the value of data that is inked with an individual and company especially in times as we are in when computers and digital knowledge technologies are leaping by the bounds to know YOU. And YOU have money to spend.

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