CFL should use th Grey Cup to get stadium reno's for teams

Much like they do in the NFL where any team that builds a stadium gets priority for playing host to the Super Bowl, The CFL should give teams that renovate their home stadiums first crack at hosting the big game. My sample criteria for hosting would include: at least 30,000 permanent stadium seats, of which the majority would have backs to them, ability to expand to at LEAST 50,000 for the big game,as well as bonuses for other things such as improved concessions, bathrooms, lighting, sound etc.

Also as an additional carrot, any team who builds a new stadium would get to play host to 3 Cups within 5 years. ( Teams choose when they want to take them).

I agree EastVanmark but on the TiCats site, I got slammed by a few for suggesting something similar. It's like Ivor Wynne is some sort of a shrine. Hey, I love Ivor Wynn, am a season ticket holder for the Cats, but it needs a lot of work and isn't worth it in the long run. A new stadium is needed in Hamilton and I don't think Bob Young will go after a GC until a new stadium is done, or at least a major reno to Ivor Wynne which I hope doesn't happen.

Interesting idea. I've always thought the CFL should have some sort of capital fund to finance the construction of new stadia or renovate existing ones.

How many teams even own their stadiums???

Money goes where it should, to the teams to use
to run their teams.

As for giving priority to teams that renovate,
isnt that penalizing teams who have decent

Does the city of Hamilton still own Ivor Wynne.

I love Ivor Wynne but the seats are a bit cramped. But, then again, so are the seats at Sky Dome.

If they built permanent seats in the end zone under the big tv, then, they could easily make the seats in other parts of the stadium wider, after all, they are mostly bench seats anyway.

Regina tried for years to do some renovations to Taylor Field. The start was relocating Regina's rail lines, it wouldhave cost some in the range of 71 million to do that, but the political wrangling that took place essentialy killed that plan. They would have use the extra space for parking.(to the best of my recollection, if someone has more accurate info please feel free.) Some of the parking space around Taylor Field that is now gravel is going to get paved(for the Rolling Stones concert in Oct), so some improvements will be done around the stadium.

Sounds like good news sambo for Regina. But here in Hamilton, the situation is different, there is so much competition for sports fans dollars with the Blue Jays only a 45 minute drive away and the Bills only an hour drive, along with Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Wolverines. It's tough and if the city owned Ivor Wynne Stadium isn't renovated (hope not from a personal standpoint), or a new facility isn't built sometime in the somewhat near future (next 10 years), people will see here that the city doesn't care about the Cats and bringing the GC game here, and even with a good owner and a winning team (will we ever see that here again?), it could be difficult to keep attracting new fans for the Cats I believe.

The city owns Ivor Wynne Stadium. Ok, that there is a problem. Municipal government should not be in the business of sports entertainment.

However, I like the new turf, and I like the big tv.

Both are excellent for sure, the turf was paid for by the city I believe and was needed with all the other athletic events going on there ie. high school games. The video board was paid for 100 percent by Bob Young, the owner, I believe.

I think the CFL has more pressing needs for its limited capital. Remember, the league decided it could not spare the $millions to prop up the Renegades for this year. Contrast this with the cost (many times greater!) of building even the most rudimentary stadium. Even a significant renovation will start in the 8-figure range. Way beyond the means of the CFL, unfortunately.

As for the wisdom of government involvement -- is there a major stadium in Canada that was funded by anyone other than gov't?

Only the hockey arenas if I am not mistaken.

I don't have a problem with government involvement in the building of stadiums, after all, our taxes are so high that these stadiums will never get built otherwise. But, once they are built, they should be sold to companies that want to maintain them.

Take a look at Copp's Colliseum. The exteriour looks like it is peeling. It needs some work.

....the stadium in Winnipeg is in dire need of a face-lift....if they used part of the money from Grey Cup revenue ...that would be a great idea....however ...most of the money will be used i'm sure by the Bombers to maintain a solid product on the field...Monies from the CUP ...wouldn't even scratch the surface of building a new stadium....therefore govt. help is required.....We could be waiting for a v ery long the case of renovations....not so long...I only wished they would make up their bloody minds...which way they would like to go... :? :roll: :roll:...signed 'waiting patiently'

Ah, just about everything is about hockey in this country. Look at Hamilton, spending millions on an NHL quality arena - without even having a friggin team and then not getting one. What a joke. But the Cats get practically nothing, it takes a new owner to put a quality video board in city owned stadium for crying out loud.

Face facts everyone, the CFL and football in general is a joke to most city politicians in this country, it's just hockey, hockey, hockey for the most part.

I think that is a slap in the face to the ONLY pro team in Hamilton. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for an NHL team, it ain't gonna happen. Other cities charish their pro teams but Hamilton seems to disrespect this tradition laden institution known as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Sometimes I think that the city politicians here would rather the Cats go under to be quite honest with you.

The problem with building stadiums in this country is it comes down to money. After Paul Godfrey and the Skydome fiasco, plus Olympic Stadium, no city will put up public money again. So either CFL teams build their own stadiums, or they fix up what they have. And can you imagine the number of great facilities we could have built across Ontario for the money goofy Godfrey blew on the Skydome? Is there a bigger idiot in Canada than this guy? Well, maybe Ted Rogers for hiring him.

Shhh berezin, be easy on the old Alzheimer's geezer Godfrey, you know he is missing a few pieces upstairs from all the rumours I've heard lately coming out of the Big Apple.


When we talk about money generated by hosting the Grey Cup, we don't mean just money from tickets sold to the game. Recent Grey Cups have generated millions for the local economy. Ottawa, for example, supposedly generated $43 million for their local economy in 2004. Consider that about half of all economic activity ends up in tax, and hosting three Grey Cup games over five years goes along way towards the $75 million plus that it would cost for a new stadium. By the way, the NHL, the NBA, and MLB do the same with All-Star games.

Its a sad fact that Canada doesn't build new stadiums. Sure is a great idea though....

I think goverenment assistance is a big factor in the US as well.

Consider Pittsburgh. The Penguins apparently have a 1 in 4 shot at getting the money from the casino.

Otherwise, no new arena.