CFL Should Thank Hockey

The CFL, the usual whipping boy of our supposedly national, mainly Toronto centric media, should thank hockey.

Because the bashers in the media have gone from marginalizing the CfL to ragging on hockey for the past two months.

I have seen no more than five or six cheap shots from the usual suspects about the CFL for the past several months.

Instead these guys, taking their cue from the American media, are on a crusade to turn hockey into ballet on ice. SAying about the NHL what they usual save for the CFL.

So the CFL should thank the NHL for taking some of the heat from those know nothings. Then again the NHL season does end in a few months, and the CFL does start in a few months.

Then it'll be business as usual I guess. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

I noticed this too. But it has little effect on hockey since Canadians are so loyal to it.

Isn't it sad though how these know nothing media types seem to always criticize popular Canadian sports just because they haven't got the American seal of approval?

This overhype of that NCAA basketball by our media, when noboyd up here is watching, is a prime example of their hero worship. Its a bloody joke.

You know sometimes the best thing to do is ignore the media fools, and they will go away. Lets focus on the upcoming season rather than waste time on those that dont like the CFL game.

Don't you think its a shame though how our national media likes to eat our own all the time. While telling us how great anything Amrican is? This NCAA basketball overhype is a prime example, while the CHL playoffs barely get a mention.

Our media does this for a lot of American sports. NCAA and NFL are the most noticeable, but it also happens for the MLB.

These niche sports get more attention than the CFL and even the NHL at times.

You know sometimes the best thing to do is ignore the media fools, and they will go away. Lets focus on the upcoming season rather than waste time on those that dont like the CFL game.

Well said sambo. Good point berezin. Hey, I love the NHL about the same as the CFL but the NHL really does have a lot of issues to deal with, a crucial part of hockey history now with the game. True, most Canadians will continue to love hockey no matter what form the game evolves to, or devolves to, to be honest I hope hockey does survive and thrive as I do love the game but admit it's got more problems than any other major league easily.

I hate hockey haha

....NCAA, NFL and MLB are 'niche sports'?!?!?....that's a few very large niches I guess....

there is nothing wrong with NCAA, NFL or MLB... and obviously because we are so influenced by the US with TV we are gonna see a lot of those sports....

You answered your own question, berezin. Know nothing media types. If they dont know anything, then what they say about the CFL is absolutely meaningless. I know a lot of media people that put down the CFL because of all of the off-the-field stuff that happens, like getting rid of a commish and folding of franchises. They really dont say much about the on-field product, which is what makes the league great in the first place. If the off field follies stop or happen on a rare occasion, the league would take off bigtime.

There are only 4 major leagues in the eyes of the press. Lets hope the CFL can find a commissioner that can change that. The CFL has nobody to blame but themselves for being viewed in this light. It is the second most popular league in this country, yet is treated like a novelty by the press.

I posted this on another one of our topics, but as it is relevant on this one, I hope no one minds in the repeat.
It is truly sad how some(vast majority here in Toronto though) but not all Canadian media goes crazy over anything American.
Yet these numbers point out once again how the overwhelming majority of sports fans are not fooled with the old "crap in crap out".

March Madness is crap and it is thrown at us like it is the second coming, yet no one watches as these numbers suggest.
Here is a portion of Bill Hustons article this week from the Globe.

"Madness numbers

The Score averaged 40,000 viewers for its coverage of the first four days of the U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association men's basketball tournament. That's down 36 per cent from Sportsnet's 62,000 average for the entire 2006 tournament.

The Score averaged 32,000 on the first day, compared with Sportsnet's 79,000 a year ago. The Score's day was Saturday (52,000).

The numbers should rise, but with 16 teams remaining, The Score will have fewer alternatives to CBS's coverage. Other handicaps: audio problems and complaints from high-definition television consumers about the quality of The Score's "stretched" picture.

CBS earned a 5.8 overnight rating (percentage of U.S. households tuned in) for the first four days March Madness. That's an increase of 3.6 per cent from last year".

Speaking of the same crap, the (C)Raptors TV numbers have been almost as pathetic they are continuosly at the 100,000 level. But wait, here in Toronto they are treated big league and get so much coverage that it is more then pathetic.

Basketball. Rockets-Raptors TSN 96,000 A one-sided loss by the Raptors, but that's low.

Basketball. Raptors-Knicks TSN 102,000 Should have been better.

Now, this is for a team that is in first place in a bad division. If it was out of the playoff picture, it would be the NCAA numbers.

Meanwhile the poor CIS playoffs drew the same TV audience of the US side, but no one here mentiones squat.

Basketball. CIS semi-final TSN 21,000 Up against Hockey Night
Basketball. CIS men's final TSN 38,000 For a championship game (Brandon-Carleton), low.

There is no such thing as the four supposed North American major sports.

Because if you look at hockey, Canadians love it, while Americans are wishy washy.

If you look at baseball, Americans love it, while CAnadians are wishy washy.

If you look at basketball, Americans love it, while CAnadians hate it.

The only sport that has popuarity on both sides of the border is football. Their's being four downs. Ours being three downs.

So there's no such thing as the four major North American sports. Because outside of football, we have nothing in common with them.

I believe the problem is not so much the media itself but the CFL teams. In Calgary the team stated the team football should not release any info until April. Why? You should be promoting these teams year round keep the focus on the CFL year round. I am sure other teams are doing this as well. But we have had announcements about signings but very little. If the CFL does not release news to the media how can they report it. I suggest the CFL should keep an active role in the media year round.

He is something that will make you Warm & Fuzzy....Last year, the Vancouver Giants vs Everett Silvertip game on Shaw Channel 4 out drew the NBA playoffs on Rogers Sportsnet in the Vancouver area market. And the Shaw Channel 4 is only available to cable viewers, not satallite.

Those NCAA numbers are surprising, but I have a question. Do the Score numbers include Canadians who watched the games on CBS? Cause I know myself, and most of my buddies chose to watch on CBS as opposed to the Score because CBS didn't have the ticker to get in the way at the bottom.

No. So multiply the Score numbers by x2.5

Thanks. That changes the numbers big time.

same, minor hockey around here is bullcrap. it went from the competetive, intense tryouts to "sorry you dont make the team because im not friends with your dad" now you have kids who cant compete at a midget AA level playing division 1 highschool, hate it. i hate the NHL now too. soon they'll ban spitting, because its a bad influence for some of their 'fans', or because they want to appeal the game to americans and ditch every canadian franchaise, because americans would rather see san antionio play salt lake city instead of seeing vancouver play calgary. oh yeah, bettman is a idiot, if i had the chance i beat the crap out of that guy.