CFL should of held a mini draft of AAF players

I like this idea instead of a mad scramble to get players on your neg list.

It would of gotten more headlines and more talk and possibly helped the unemployed players in the AAF.

Start with the worst team last year and go from there.

Maybe next time

From another post I did earlier today, I figure roughly 40 AAF players, not counting offensive linemen and any kickers or punters, are game for CFL or above camp.

Of those, my guess is that 10 or less would make a team and stick with a team (i.e. not be cut after only a few games).

Maybe someone knows more on the offensive linemen, but as for the rest the amount of talent for a higher pro level is less than I expected granting also that in general the coaches and general managers know their craft.

Gilbert was the best QB in the league and only one of two in my opinion who could play at a higher level. The other is Wolford. Mettenberger played well in a short time, but he was injured twice and out of the league before it died too. I'm not sure about him, but if he's healthy he's worth another look after a short time in the NFL. As for the other QBs, let them go to the XFL or some crap arena league.

3 RBs each for Orlando and Arizona look worth a look at a higher level plus Watson of San Diego.

Receivers with about 300 yards or more receiving look worth a look as well:

About two dozen defensive players appear worth a look too.

From briefly watching the first game, this caliber league would be somewhere like a AA team when comparing the majors.

Jim Barker on the guys signed to neg lists yesterday

It would be awfully presumptuous of the CFL to hold a draft of AAF players…

agreed…they better put a feeler out for something like that

This is a situation where the neg list is a great tool


Again, why?

And what would the difference be?

Doesn’t mean they would want to come here.

Anyway why validate spring football by holding a draft of a spring football league’s players? In this case a negotiate list does the job and is subtle.

And this is really what it’s all about, isn’t it.

Alternatively, one could argue that the players they’d be displacing in CFL training camps - that would be the ones who have made a commitment to come and try out in our league - are actually more in need of help because they have not been drawing a paycheque these past couple of months.

This talk of helping the unemployed players of the AAF make it sound like they were some kind of unprivileged group. The players knew the risk going in. Every startup has had them.

You are right, it does not mean that they would want to come here…but we don’t know that CIS players want to come here either.

As for subtle…yeah but a draft is only Not Subtle because we make it that way by televising it and making a big deal out of it…because we care

The Neg list is a race to get the names filed Who ever gets there first gets the player and fans have been demanding to know who is on the list for years…

IMO Hold a draft… If players don’t want to play here fine. But at least they will know that there is a here…here
As for being subtle…I don’t think its an issue.
Those interested in the CFL will know who is interested in them

Maybe the CFL should just assign them by the AAF teams CFL teams were affiliated with.

Commissioner - “the Ottawa Redblacks chose to draft Jim Bob”

Jim Bob - “no thanks”

How is it hard to recognize that you best see if the players actually want to be drafted to the CFL? I mean, all it takes is floating out an opportunity to register for it…but what happens if none/few of the players you actually want sign up? Damn that would look bad for the CFL.

Meanwhile…players can already be added to neg list as teams see fit.

CIS players register for the draft…so we kinda do.

I don’t see how televising a few rounds of a draft of players from a league that couldn’t make it out of season one is a great selling feature. Man…the haters would be all over that one in a huge way.

You mean that they have to tell the league that they would like to be drafted?

I did not know that
But even still, there have been many who never reported to camp

You misunderstood…That is exactly what I am saying not to do.
Don’t make a big deal out of it…don’t televise it

Just have everyone get together and one by one pick players.
If a player contacts the league or a team…You tell them that team X holds the rights and to contact them

Or a team can call a player that as been drafted… but if they refuse, you don’t have to put it in the papers No embarrassment required. I would be very surprised if players refused in droves

It would actually be like a neg list, it just how the list is made that would be different….Orderly fair picks rather than a race to the comish’s office

The league still has to hold a draft for global players coming out of Europe.

Also the NFL just signed their first AAF refugee.

yeah, I believe that basically any draft you have to choose to enter it…I know the CFL draft falls into that category.

And yeah…fair enough if they are doing it behind closed doors. I still think that you need to contact every player and ask if they are interested in it though. Personally, I prefer the neg list for something like this

There has been rumours of the AAF folding for a few weeks so you would think a smart GM would have had a few of those players on their neg list just in case.
There 3 Nationals down there that I know of so they would still have their CFL rights owned by the team that drafted them.
Former CFL players like Dylan Wynn, Ciante Evans and Terrel Sinkfield would be FA’s and could help most of the teams.
I don’t know if many will be in a hurray to sign up here as they have made a bit of money and can probably wait a while for NFL opportunities.

you would think a smart GM would have a few players listed even if it wasn’t folding.

Its just not how the Cfl works.
Once the Aaf pooped out. The scramble was on for CFL to adjust neg lists.
& Nfl grabbed up aaf players to futures contracts.
This is the system