CFL should look into this...

Just came home from attending the Vanier Cup game. Probably the best football game I've seen all year. More importantly. .. the best officiated game I've seen in a long time. No blown calls, no ridiculous challenges, DBs allowed to cover..... need to review your rules and send your crews to the CIS for training. .. Seriously....DO IT.

That Vanier Cup game truly was a great and entertaining game, and some would quite understandably call it a classic. In the first minute, there was a Calgary TD on the first play of the first drive. In the final minute, it looked like it could have easily gone either way. There were some interesting twists and turns in between those first and last minutes. Congrats to Laval on the Vanier Cup win, but credit should go to Calgary for making this game closer and more entertaining than some thought it would have been.

From what I saw, the game was also well-officiated. It looked to me like when penalties were called, they were the right calls. I don't think there were any complaints about officiating from any coaches or players, and I don't recall Micallef or Morreale questioning any officiating decisions. It was also a relief to not see delays resulting from calls or non-calls being challenged. Officiating being done right was another reason the game was a great one.

But as the CFL game is faster than the CIS game, officiating is not as easy in the CFL. And sometimes, the zebras will make mistakes. It would be best if the command centre would not be relied on as much. But as they can see what happens there in slow motion, should they not get it right there? And Jeff Harbin will be in the command centre in the Grey Cup game, even after the league said he got a call wrong in the EDSF game.

Oh, and more commentary in the Vanier Cup game can be found in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=102405&start=15

Have to agree with your comments. I only saw the second half, and expected Laval to have a blow-out underway when I turned it on. From all that I saw, thought it a well played, well officiated game that showcased the Canadian brand of football. Hope that person doing the survey questioning the CFL fan experience was watching - save a lot of research time and effort.

I am hoping that the Grey Cup will turn out the same way. The circumstances are similar, with one heavily favoured team and two good QBs, although the QB thing hurts me to the core to say it. In my ideal world, both teams would lose, but of course, either Burris or Mitchell has to win and then be proclaimed the MVP, regardless of actual performance?

As someone said earlier, if Ottawa is to win, I hope it is with Harris in as QB after Burris is pulled for poor play. Would that be the definition of a "moral victory" for the fans, or more likely, just sour grapes on my part :smiley: .

Any way - hope everyone enjoys the game. Also hope it is a classic and turns on a spectacular play rather than a call botched by the 'Command Centre'. And although part of me wants to see the East win it, more of me wants to see Ottawa lose. Going to be a schizophrenic evening here!

I agree it was a great game with good officiating. I wish I had gone but I watched it on TV.

Hope Calgary can smoke Ottawa early, have Hank pulled and Harris almost come back but come up short. Maybe this will shut Hank up once and for all. (Although I doubt he'll ever shut up) :rockin:

3 cup appearances in 4 years 0 wins so far still not bad for an old guy.he backs up his talk

Obrigardo.....are you in love with me or is this just stalking!? Should I be worried if I look out my door you'll be there??:lol:

Got home in time to catch most of the Vanier Cup and yes it was a good game which didn't appear to have glaring officiating errors. I was rooting for the Dinos just to see someone besides Laval take home the prize.

As for the Grey Cup - my perfect scenario would be to have Calgary jump out to a lead, OTTRBs come back to make it close - maybe even take a 2-3 point lead, and then watch the Stamps put their collective foot on the gas and totally "stamp out" Hank and his buds convincingly!
NO WAY will I be cheering for the OTTRBs even though I'm tired of hearing how great BLM and the Stamps are and know that'll continue for at least another week or two when they win the GC today.

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Good on you Obrigardo. The boys club here is pathetic and abhors thinking outside of their established thought.

No wonder why the forum is just the same old with few new members sharing their insights.

It's hard for anyone new to share an original thought .you are crucified if you don't tow the party line

You called it classic to be fair to hank he was cut a man has to make a living no reason to hate a competitor

How about Burris saying they gave him happy pills to get thru the can't make the CFL happy

Tim Micallef referred to the poor attendance in Hamilton several times during the game. I find that rather absurd considering that his network decided not to broadcast any regular season university games, even though they had the broadcast rights. If you advertise the product regularly, the fans will come to your championship game.

Sportsnet should do Canadian Football a favour and let TSN cover Ufootball!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

It surely didn't help that a lot of Hamilton football fans were no doubt feeling sour with the way that the last few weeks of the CFL season went down. A lot of people simply said they were done with football for the year. Can you blame them?

Agreed tsn is the football network in can't expect attendance if you don't promote the product all yeark they should go back to the Grey Cup cities that worked for them

Or at least, if you're going to put the Vanier somewhere other than the Grey Cup.. make sure it's not in the neighboring city. I'm sure a lot of people who would have taken in the Vanier were in Toronto at the Grey Cup festivities.