CFL should look at re-introducing the CFN again...

for those who may not remember, back in the days of pre-Alouettes folding in 1986.. and a few years after, I believe 1989 or 90 was the last year..

They had the Canadian Football Network! it was on CBC and they did the games.

I think the CFL needs to take full control of their TV and have a re-birth of the CFN and be in charge of the On-Air talent, how the games are shown etc..

like the NFL does.

They decide who is the commentators and who are not.

This league should be at the point where it can dictate how much money TSN or CBC will pay the CFL to broadcast their games to the nation!

That's right! I remember almost trembling with anticipation as the Labour Day Weekend approached and all of the games I could only listen to on radio or read about in the paper would finally be available on TV thanks to the glorious CFN.

Listen, the fact that the "CFN" was on CBC meant that it was not a CFL network. If I recall, it was a weekly show that aired on CBC, kinda like TWIB did back in the day.

To borrow from Coach Kelly, the CBC is an albatross, and any affiliation with that network is a massive mistake by the league.

im not saying go back to the CBC network..

but I think we need more than 1 tv station broadcasting our games..

Global.. or Sportsnet, or even Omni..

we need more tv exposure.

...every game was much more exposure than that can you get?...'re quoting Mike Kelly :lol: :lol: ....look there's always room for improvement ...If you want to continually accept the staus quo....that's you....maybe some others would like to see a higher level of broadcasting year to year...not be content with the quality of broadcasters being offered and 'malfunctions' that seem to occur....Perfection is not a reality in broadcasting....but you sure as hell can strive for it..and maybe they'll get a bit better... :wink:

And in that, we agree. I am not advocating the status quo in terms of standards or quality. I want, no, expect there to be new and better things next year, and fewer "errors". But I do NOT think for a moment that improvement or innovation will ever come by going back to the CBC. That's regression, pure and simple.

Why? Like Red and White said, all games were televized. As for highlights, you see them on alot of different channels even on the channels you metnion. Now if it means having two games on at the same time, that'd be the only reason multiple stations would work. Would I like to see that? If it meant getting rid of the rediculous Thursday night games, ABSOLUTELY! But IMHO it'll never happen. I think TSN's coverage needs a little work BUT I find it's getting better year after year.

Look at it like this, TSN offered up alot of money to be the sole broadcasters of the CFL and we as fans should be lucky. TSN is a huge the reason the CFL is strong financially. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that we had to wait until labour day before we'd see ANY CFL games on TV.

Isn't this only the second year that TSN has had sole rghts to the CFL? I'd say that they're doing a fine job so far. There's always going to be hiccups. If this stuff is still happening in 5 years then we should complain. One of the reasons that TSN has had to push games to TSN2 could be because TSN signed deals with PGA, Breeders Cup, NFL long before they even entered talks with the CFL. I think this year was an improvement over last year and there's no reason to think that TSN will continue to give the CFL more coverage as contracs with other leagues begin to expire.

That only happened one time.

EVERY SINGLE CFL GAME was shown on TSN this year. Raptors, NHL, MLB and even NFL have all been bounced to the deuce from time to time this year, but not CFL. Yet for some, the bad old days of CBC are the way to go. Of course, they're probably the ones that are too cheap to pay for cable, but can't use that as the reason.

First off, I just want to make it clear that I feel TSN is doing a fantstic job of covering and adversiting the CFL. But I also think that a CFL Network would be AMAZING!

As far as getting on other networks goes; does Sportsnet still have those 30 minute CFL shows on it's various regional channels? Off hand I can think of "Stamps TV" and "Argos TV"

I don't know if I'd like a CFL channel. I have the NFL Network, and the novelty of that channel wore off pretty quickly... and I'm a big fan of the NFL. So I doubt I'd watch an all-CFL channel.

I agree with you as I think it may work to have a CFL Network channel 24/7.
It can play all of the games old and year just completed, plus each team can have its priority time slot.
What about a live post game show and panel, like the TSN variety which is only on for minutes at a time.
And why could it not also show CIS games of the week, and wait for this how about a high school championship games from each city, province etc..
The possibilities are endless.

what about CFN in online form?

a show recaping and previewing each CFL week, aswell as discussing hot topics across the league and player interviews. profile CFL cities, and potential CFL cities. many of the topics we discuss and debate about on this forum could be analysed by the experts. maybe profile popular players who have retired. could link to


They only had to push a whole game to TSN2 once but there have been a number of times when they've pushed the start of games to TSN2.

Not every cable company offers TSN2. And some people (especially in remote and rural areas) don't have access to TSN2 because digital cable is not offered in their areas. And some people can't afford the extra cost of subscribing to a specialty package like you have to in some areas and it has nothing to do with being cheap.

Boo-hoo! It happens. Just the other day I turned on The Score to catch the Lakers game only to find out a NCAA football game was running long. I missed the first 30 minutes as a result. It happens.

Personally, I think CFL fans are a little spoiled with seeing all 77 games on TV.

As I said in the other thread, I don't have a problem when it's a matter of a game going long and cutting into the CFL broadcast. That happens. What I do have a problem with is when a golf tournament, for example, goes long and rather than cutting away after the final putt is sunk and the winner does his little celebration (which occurred at about 2 minutes into the CFL broadcast), they stay with the golf for another 20+ minutes so we can see the walk to the tent to sign the score card, a bunch of interviews, the presentation, then more interviews and then the commentators wrap-up. I believe that happened with the Breeders Cup too where it was mostly post-race interviews and the presentation that was being shown instead of the game. It's those types of situations that I object to, not the scenario you referred to.

The old CFN had nothing to do with CBC, though games may have been aired on some affiliated stations.

The CFN got its start after the CFL's 3 year, $33 million tv/sponsorship deal with Carling Brewery expired at the end of the 1986 season. Neither CTV nor TSN were interested in a money up-front deal, and CBC wanted to pick and choose games, offering (in a best-case scenario) about $5 million per year. Commissioner Doug Mitchell convinced himself he could do better if the league produced the games itself and sold the rights.

Long story short, CFN ended up being shown on a coalition of Global and independent stations nationwide. Dave Hodge from HNIC was host and Bob Irving was the prime crew play-by-play man. The league never realized anywhere near the revenue that Mitchell predicted and, along with other factors, almost bankrupted the league, although it did show how upscale a CFL broadcsat could be. By the early 1990s, CBC and TSN were ready to admit that the CFL was a sellable product, and the CFN ceased to exist. (This info is readily available in "CFL: A Passing Game" by Frank Cosentino. A very interesting book full of great info on the game from the mid 60s to 1995, which is likely available in your local public library. Although very pessimistic on the league's future since it was written in the late 1990s, it is very informative and well the effort of finding it.)

Wahhh. Everyone is so concerned about "all those people" in remote areas. I got news for them: almost nobody lives there....that's why they're remote.

And the economic argument? I mean, if you already have cable, what's TSN and TSN2, $5 a month? Skip one meal a month and you're home and cooled.

And for those that think returning games to CBC would solve the delayed start time issue, you're dreaming. What do you think will get bumped the first time Rita McNeill does a second encore?

Look, if you want any proof as to what CBC does with quality sports packages, think back to its Scotties/Brier coverage. Christ, the country practically mutineed because they moved prime time evening draws to some bloody channel only 11 people had even heard of and you could only access it if you lived on the moon.

It got so bad the CCA had to breach its contract with CBC, rip the coverage away and come crawling back to TSN. And CBC's coverage was so godawful bad they were to embarrassed to even raise a fuss over it.

That's what you want for our beloved game? The Labour Day Classic...LIVE on Country Canada.


Agree 100% Artie. It astounds me at times that people want the CFL to return to the CBC. With TSN, you get every game on the same channel, ads hyping the product on every other commercial break regardless of the sporting event, lead-off Sports Centre coverage of the scores, marketing of the players, and they are almost roadblocking their coverage this weekend for the Grey Cup. There's like a five hour pre-show before the pre-game show, not to mention all the stuff they are airing the day before.

I understand that you want the league to make more money from the TV deal. Well, when they signed it, the CFL wasn't drawing these kinds of numbers. You can bet that when it expires, the league will be eager to re-up for a good increase in revenue and its damn likely that TSN will ante up to a compromise position. I've been a fan of so many sports will awful TV deals, and honestly with the possible exception of revenue earned (which is always a retrospective case when contracts are for multiple years) the TSN deal is like a dream.

Don't fool yourselves, TSN has probably done more to build the CFL as brand than almost any other entity (including the CFL itself).