CFL Should Hire Paul Godfrey

Saw Godfrey on TSN's Off the Record last night doing the usual hemming and hawing when Michael Landsburg asked him if he was going to step down as Blue Jays president after this year.

To me getting fired is the more likely scenario. After all he's run the Blue Jays into the ground, and cost Rogers millions in losses in the process. As well, this NFL venture ain't going as planned. And he's committed Rogers to spending 78 million on that alone.

So I was thinking. When Paul gets canned at the end of the baseball season, maybe the CFL should hire him on to show how great a league it really is. Nothing too difficult though. Maybe he could wash footballs, or paint goalposts? Or hawk programs.

One thing for sure. Keep him away from the cash box. He has a way of making other people's money disappear!
Just ask Ted Rogers, and Ontario taxpayers.

I’m confused. Isn’t Godfrey “Pro NFL”? Your logic is confusing me berezin.

I think that's why he was suggesting the lofty duties of ballwasher, etc.

I know I see the tongue and cheek......but.....don't be making weird suggestions, another "Glieberman" might think its a good idea!

CFL should put a hit out on Paul.... and Rogers and the rest of their ilk.

Hard to say exactly what Mr. Godfrey whispers in Ted's ears now and then. But I wonder if he missed out on the Argos with Cynamon and Sokolowski showing that while they aren't profitable, they don't lose much money and actually made some $5 mill on the Grey Cup last year.

The thing is, I think Ted likes him a lot and doubt he'll be fired or let go unless someone with a lot of clout with Ted whispers this in Ted's ears.

But let's not feel sorry for Godfrey, he's a man of a few or so, maybe quite a few or so, millions and ain't hurting one bit.

why take jobs away from students? how about a long walk off on a short pier. :stuck_out_tongue: .

There’s actually some logic in hiring him. Keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer. :twisted:

Is this an April fool type posting berezin?

The only thing I would hire him to do, is clean out pigpen, with his bare hands.