CFL should follow the NFL in this regard

Well, yes, all black contrasts well with pretty much anything else that is much lighter, which is the point.

As far as reasons, given that dark/light uniform variations predate TV the reason is obviously not TV.

Oh, and one final point, it isn't "forced" as in Blue Bombers away gold jerseys for example.

You're making my point.
The Bombers bucked the trend and did not have "whites" after the last round of uniform revisions.
Obviously the league no longer mandates visitor whites.
I don't see why teams still have them if white is not one of the regular team colours.

You're correct.

Teams simply have to declare which jersey they would like to wear, and the league gives a stamp of approval.

Hence, 2011 Calgary vs. Hamilton @ Moncton
Blue Bombers, Gold second Jersey
2015 Ottawa vs. BC

And really, that game on Sunday looked great! Uniforms are how teams, and the league brand itself - they really should do more of this.