CFL should follow the NFL in this regard

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The NFL is instituting that teams wear their regular team colour uniforms for Thursday night games this season.
This is long overdue imo.
Teams used to play with just one uniform.
Then TV came along and teams had to differentiate themselves on a black and white screen, hence the white visitor jerseys.
But does anyone watch anything in black and white anymore? No.
Therefore, a return to team colour jerseys only is warranted.
And with the evolution of alternate/throwback/signature jerseys, the need for every team to have a white "visitor" jersey has disappeared.

The Blue Bombers realized this when the last uniform change came in 2012. Their "visitor" jersey is not white, but the team colours reversed. :thup:

I hope the CFL goes this way soon.

I'm inclined to agree so long as teams do not have similar colors and the same primary color, as it makes it harder for the audience and the refs. In those cases, it should default to either an acceptable alt color uniform or whites.

Up here, it's not as big a deal, as there are only a couple potential combinations, specifically Black (Ti-Cats, RedBlacks, Stamps Alt, Lion's Alt, Ti-Cats Alt), Grey (Als Alt, Ti-Cats Alt), Green (Riders, Esks), Blue (Argos, Bombers, Als), Red (Stamps, RedBlacks Alt) and technically White (Argos Alt, rest of the CFL's away jerseys)

Down in the US, the Lions, Panthers, Colts, Giants, Cowboys, Rams, Chargers, Seahawks, Bears,Titans, Texans, Bills, Patriots and Broncos all have primary Blue in their color scheme and many other matches.

I'd hate to be a ref that has to make calls on the line on a Bears, Broncos game without one of them donning orange or white over blue.

No thanks. I prefer one team wearing road whites. I'd also like to see the bombers wearing white pants with their gold road jerseys.

Looks amazing.

also, the OP's points are all true. "Road Whites" are outdated, and in most cases, ugly. eg. Edmonton, Ottawa(ugliest uni's in the league) Saskatchewan, Calgary, BC are mostly horrendous.

Then there's also teams like Hamilton, who's team colours don't even include white. That being said, the tabbies have the nicest road uniforms in the CFL, followed closely by Winnipeg.

I'd love to see the convention broken and go to something more like a rugby style with a primary, and alternate uniform.

I like the idea only if vastly different colours are at hand, and I had no idea on the origin of the white visitor jerseys. Note also that in the NFL, the home team can opt to wear the white jersey too.

Also note in all of football of whatever type, for the players it can be tricky if the other team even shares one colour with your team's uniform given that you play and operate on instinct in fractions of a second.

In soccer for example, the socks cannot share colours at all with each other.

As another example, dominant blue on both jerseys even of vastly different shades would make life very hard for a quarterback going through his progressions in a matter of often 2 to 4 seconds before passing.

It looks like this season that the away teams can opt out of this initiative for the Thursday night games, which will give everyone a chance to sort this out for next season when the initiative on Thursday nights becomes mandatory.

who cares... I just want to see a TD drive that is actually earned without as slew of penalties.

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Uh oh.
Somebody other than Bungle started a thread and he doesn't like it.
Shall I review the subjects of the myriad threads he has started recently to determine their relevancy to a TD drive without a slew of penalties? :twisted:

If they do, I hope they take the reigns and take credit for pioneering the home vs. home uniform format.

in another regard, the NFL should follow the CFL, and do away with designated numbers for anyone other than ineligible receivers.

Every sport has one team in white. Even baseball, although sometimes the other team has a light grey and that can make it tough at times, but only for viewers, as for players, it is obvious who is doing what in that sport. In hockey and football you only have a split second to determine who is who. Keep the whites !!

Why white?
Why can't each team use it's own team colours, possibly in different combinations so that two teams on the field are clearly differentiated?
As I said in the OP, white was required for differentiation on a black and white TV screen.

(Btw, not every team in soccer has a white uniform.)

Some problems don’t need fixing.
This is one of them.

I don't mind the away whites, I am just already tired of the change of helmets as well that some teams wear.
Calgary looks good in red, don't need the away black.
Riders look good in Green, don't need the white helmets.
Ottawa looks good in Black, don't need the white helmets.

I think it takes away from the impact of the third jerseys. Speaking of, did Ottawa eventually scrap the plaid Helmets for their third Jersey?

Too many Jersey options each year for the Riders, they have the old Safeway S helmet, they have their current helmet, they have the white helmets, and they have the bright green Reebok themed helmets. Maybe this is why they are struggling this year, they can't remember what jersey is on their own team.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

As much contrast in colours (and white certainly is the best) as possible STILL makes it easier to follow the action even with colour TVs.

Change for the sake of change. There is nothing to be gained. Leave it alone.

Besides, what's wrong with white?

I think i said above in this thread, some teams don't even use white as one of their colours, but are forced to because of the "home - away" uniforms.

eg. EDM, WPG, HAM, OTT. and if you go only by traditional colours, you can add in BC, and TOR.

but like I also said, out of the whole league, hamilton has the best away uniforms.

Yeah, they were never able to produce it properly.

Did anyone else notice that there were no visitor whites in tonight's REDBLACKS/Lions game?
Lions in home orange vs. REDBLACKS in home black.

I didn't hear of any problems differentiating the players.

As for "what's wrong with white?"
Nothing, if it is part of your team colours.
If it is not, why be forced to have a uniform that is mostly white?
As I said before, the reason for every team to have visitor whites ended decades ago.

You sir have solved this non-problem and are also a hero!
/Bangs gong

Our work is done here. Now someone please lock this thread. Go all now in peace. Amen.

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