CFL should consider showing Preseason games on local TV

The CFL should seriously consider showing preseason games in partnership with local TV stations. This would boost ratings for the stations who stress that they are under fire from the corporate giants who want to do away with local programming. This also provides more exposure for that team and the CFL as a whole.


I know I'd watch.

We went through this all last year. CFL games are expensive to produce, and likely would not generate sufficient revenues to justify the costs of broadcasting them.

Also, other than diehards, which the majority of us here are, who wants to see the #4 QB play and see what a university sophmore can do at DE? I'd love to see it for sure and watch each one but the sad reality like Artie said, its expensive to do which means you need to get good ratings. Yeah the CFL is in a totally different position than 10 years ago but its not doing that well!
So for now, just go to the games, listen on the radio and heckle fans of opposing teams on here until the regular season starts in two weeks. :smiley:

Thank god the CFL just has 2 compared with the 4 or 5 the NFL has but I think there is discussion paring it down to 2 also.

I disagree.
The CFL viewership is so strong and we have been starved for so long that there would be no difference from the regular season numbers.
In fact, to make it more interesting the league should have neutral site games like London and Halifax a few years back.

Viewership ain't the end of the tale. It's the amount of additional ad revenue that you would generate that would make the diference. The view last year was that while there is a quantifiable increase in producing 8 more HD football games, doing so would likely have little or no effect on the aggregate CFL ad revenue that TSN could generate. In other words, Wendy's isn't going to pony up any more per season because there are now pre-season games being shown.

Perhaps you think that the climate has changed now, but I suggest that whatever positive influence high pre-sesason viewership may have is matched if not trumped by the general economic malaise we're in, and what that's done to corporate ad budgets.

In other words, companies are still unlikely to pay more because pre-season games are part of the package, meaning TSN has a hard time recovering its cost of doing the games.

I don't think so, especially since we are in the beginnining of summer, just after the NHL and people/viewership anxiously awaiting the CFL. Throw in a novilty game like I suggested for the pre season in Quebec City, Halifax, Saskatoon etc., and you will see the additional fan base in such cities will increase viewership as will the existing numbers throughout.
Plus, the CFL only has 4 games per week and even if we broadcasted the second week of the X season, that's again only four more games.
Let's look at the Blue Jays who have to televise 162 game, with half that are self produced, now that's costs that cannot be offset and is a money losing proposition.

Yea I agree, this is a great idea. Nothing else is on except NASCAR, PGA, and MLB. None of which really involve anything in BC except Canadian-born players.

I would venture to guess that if the tall foreheads at TSN figured they could make a buck televising pre-season CFL games, they would be doing it.

Talk of showing pre-season games next season on TSN2..

...I will see that venture and double the investment....

I think for the sake of our game, it would be worth televising preseason games, even if there is great risk involved. But I think it would breakeven for the producers and corporate stations. I would invest if I had the portfolio for it.

Here in Winnipeg we had last-years preseason on our local Shaw station. Not sure if either of them are being shown this year.

BTW, hi to all the regular posters here. Finally signed-up after visting for months! Really looking forward to the new season!

Can you get the deal set up by tonight? I miss the Alouettes!

...and how will anyone know the viewership until it's actually done (and marketed) one year?