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What i don’t understand is why the cfl shop doen’t have more variety. For example, i was looking to buy an argos jersey but they dont sell it at cflshop. Also if you look at the nfl’s shop you can see they sell even glasses with the teams logo, or even pencils! :twisted: Why can’t the cfl do the same? Make it unique! MORE VARIETY! I’m sure they would sell more! And a better site would’nt hurt either! :wink:

Man, I already thought of buying an Als jersey at the CFL shop, but the replicas they have (yeah, because buying a real jersey isn’t even an option in their boutique) don’t even have the right blue! The colors on these replicas aren’t right, (or then the lighting used when taking these jerseys’ picture wasn’t right and it gives the impression that it’s not the right blue). I sure won’t spend over a hundred bucks on a jersey that dosen’t look right.

Oh, and I think I remember something a guy said in the former huddle about the Argos’ championship merchandise being almost inexistant. I think that guy said he could only find two things with “Argos 2004 Grey Cup champs” written on it, including the horrible red cap players were given on the night of their victory (just how many Double Blue fans want to wear a red cap? How about an orange & black Alouettes’ cap? Or even better: a Green & Gold Stampeders cap?)

Although I would agree with a number of your points (variety, real jerseys etc)…I would not expect any shop to carry items, that will be out of date come 1 May 2005…when Reeboks new lines kick in.

It might be worth revisiting this on 2 May 2005!..if pertinent.

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CFL is poor

Good point Eskimos32001, but I think its still possible to UPGRADE the site.

It would be nice to have a site where ALL CFL merchandise can be available for purchase (including OFFICIAL jerseys).

its easier to go to Jersey City

What really bothers me about the CFL Shop, or all CFL team shops is that is impossible to buy authentic jerseys! If you go to the NFL’s on-line store, you can buy both Replica and Authentic Jerseys. If you want an Authentic jersey, you can buy one already made up with a player’s name and number( they call them “Player” jerseys), or you can have one made up. The only times I’ve seen Authentic CFL jerseys for sale are at the teams “end of season” sale and on ebay. Also, I saw the Argos had Authentic jerseys for sale, but that was in 1998!!! All I want is one Authentic Als Jersey with AC’s name and number on it!! Is that too much to ask???


im hopin with the new reebok deal it will improve

I actually got an Authentic Ti-Cat jersey on E-bay (Ti-cats Central)…I have never actually heard of any other method of procuring the “Real McCoy”…is it actually possible?..please note the authentic version is far better than the replica.

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I must say you definately are the huddle member with the most unusual desires. How about a Memphis Mad Dogs jersey with Uruguay written on its back and the letter B as a number?

As weird as you may be, I must admit I always read your comments because I just know you’ll bring me some place I never thought I’d go…

… and, on a more down-to-earth reply, I’ll add that I’d also appreciate a vintage campaign, but as some of our folks already put it, the CFL has not enough funds to develop such a large memorabilia offer.

Maybe the CFL should get a sponsorship from lotto 6/49, which would provide it with lottery tickets every week… :wink:

They should sell the 2 CFL… DVDS.

The 2004 GREY CUP Experience [2discs] and the series from TSN… CFL TRADITIONS.

And they should sell new CFL magazine that is coming out…

are you listening CFL shop?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Finally they are showing/selling the… 2004 GREY CUP …DVD.

Hopefully they will sell …CFL TRADITIONS , as well.

They do sell CFL traditions! There’s a West box set, and (waaaaittttttttttt for itttttttttt … ) an east box set. I was poor when I saw them, else I would’ve picked them up :frowning: But they were easy to find (this was about a year, year and a half ago) … I doubt it would be too hard to get your hands on a copy?

great and thanks. :smiley: