CFL Shop - Not Canadian Friendly !

Guys, be very careful if you intend on purchasing something in the CFL Shop.

I just went there for a quick visit, and was pretty amazed to see Canadians are being ripped off, because the currency transfer is whacked.

  • You want to buy a cap? That'll be 20$ for the Canadian fan. If you pay in US dollars, it's 14.72$... which is worth 16.30$ Canadian dollars.

  • Get a jersey for 90 $CDN... or 66.25 US (which is worth 73.40)

  • And you will save up to 75$ if you buy a Pro-Line Helmet of your favorite team in US currency, as the demanded 294.45 $US is worth 326.25 CDN, whereas the price up front for Canadians is 400!

The new CFL shop is messed up, and doesn't have many things.

rather use River (the former owners of the CFL online store).

...maybe the price differnce includes for Customs Tarriffs, the items are probably made in the US so buying them in the US wouldn't have to include for any Customs fees....

Look at the funny man trying to be serious ! Peuh !

Seriously, it might be a good reason, but then again, why would we have the CFL gear made in the USA? If it was made by some kids in Taiwan, I'd understand the reason, but kids in the USA have more expensive wages.

Thanks for the heads up. I will look into this...clearly that is not correct.


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Its not just the CFL Shop that is doing that. Go to any store that has a US and Canadian site and compare prices. They are still basing everything on a 65cent Dollar

...heh, I just checked out the stamps prices and they are in line with the current exchange's just the east that is getting ripped off!... they're not either, what is third talking about?.....the rates look fine on my screen....drinking on the job again I see.....

Mouhahaha !

They corrected it, but instead of bringing the CDN amount down, they boosted the US one. :o

I should have just shut up and bought stuff in US currency!

Sorry, guys. I will learn. :oops:

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Obviously the US prices were set before the recent surge in the value of the Canadian dollar. Now like all things, our goods are more expensive in the US than they used to be.

cflshop doesnt show a great selection of CFL gear, BUT if u go to ( the company running ), they have a big selection..

so it seems its just a matter of needs to be updated to match jerseycitys stock.

thank you! :thup: