CFL shooting itself in the foot again

Many years ago, the CFL almost became extinct due to very bad leadership and decision making. And it's back again! First, they sign an exclusive contract with TSN, quite possibly the worst broadcasting in football history. Then, they schedule games dead smack in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. You may say that's fair enough as many like to watch a game on a holiday (We'll see how many fans that draws to the stadium here). However, how in the hell can you explain a game on Holloween?? Perhaps the CFL was thinking of a Toronto parent telling his kids: "Hey, let's go down to Skydome and watch the Argos dress up and pretend to be football players". But for the rest of us, good luck with attendance because kids are more important than a football game.

8) You do realize that the game on Halloween is a 2 pm game, don't you ???
 I fail to see what the problem with that is, for you to complain about !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Your right but like i have said in past post's ....Maybe this will be the beginning of a new Tradition of Big in season games ( labour day ) ( Thankgiving ) ....So if you think the league is wrong maybe they should explain if it was a mistake or a test to see if this could become an every year event . We have heard on this website that most people do eat the dinner on Sunday so on that note . I do understand what your saying but i think the CFL should come out and say if this is just a mistake , a test , or a game that will become tradition just like the American thanks giving games that people so flock Toooooooo.
I would like to see this game become a kick off to the cold months of our great Canadian game.
I would think it could eventually contend with the labour day game . Cold Country Canada haven a great celebration of a Great Canadian Game in a Open stadium with a Crowd full of Canadian's ...And Halloween is a night thing not a day thing ...

It's obvious that the people who claim this are finding a way not to feel guilty for not making their way down to the stadium that day. There's absolutely no way you can't make it home from IWS after the 4:45-5 finish with enough time to take your kids trick or treating. If the game was at 4 or 7 then yes you could have something to complain about, but the game is at 2 so there's ample time after the game to go home and take your kids out, heck even if you live in Guelph you could still have enough time. You dont start taking the kids out until 6:30 at the earliest so there's no reason why anyone outside of Calgary and BC have anything to complain about. The ***'s game is the night before (30th), and the WIn/MTL game isnt until the 1st.

What pisses me off is TSN moving the Rider/Argo game to TSN2 so they can continue to broadcast golf. Here's some info....NOT EVERYONE GETS TSN2!!!. Say what you will about the old CBC televising of football games....but I don't recall them ever treating CFL football as a second class sport to anything.

Really Wallace, what about those years they carried Blue Jays baseball in the summer but didn't carry CFL games until September. That's second class to me all the way.

It is really ironic the way our fans always find a way to complain. I think the CFL has done a marvelous job this year to accommodate the needs of all it's fans. It would be impossible to please everyone all the time and my perception is that the league is doing its best.

With a 2pm start, I certainly have no gripe.

The CFL have been scheduling games in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner for ages (or at least in my definition of ages since the 1960's). Seems to me that Thanksgiving games have been quite popular, until now. What's changed in that time except for peoples excuses. Same thing for Halloween. And yes I do have issues with TSN's coverage, particularly their continuing lack of a decent post game show, but to say they are the worst broadcaster in football history, I would have to say that you are really stretching it to find something to complain about.

Ouch....yes that was a big downfall of the CBC's coverage of the CFL. That and those Gawd Awful orange blaisers.

Tough call, for Thanksgiving, (let alone Halloween or Rememberance Day)

I've got no big beef with TSN commentaters, if its a Cat game, I can always tune into CHML and mute the TV. Nobody is coming up with a "corrective" solution, and I observe that its 50/50 for those of us to whom "turkey day" is Thanksgiving Sunday, as opposed the Monday...I'd sooner some entertainment on the Monday, myself, but I agree, I'm not buying tickets for the game tomorrow.

Halloween is [b]not[b] a holiday, but does allow fans to dress up for a game (Much luck getting through those idiots mascarading as "security" at IWS, but I digress)...the 11 November game in Wpg a year or two ago, did show an insensitivity.

I sense the CFL is very sensitive to the GTA audience, by timing games in the west to be started at 1730 hrs, in order to capture prime time viewing here. I'll be in Vancouver for the 8 November game, and watching it at 10 AM isn't my idea of "Sunday Morning", either, but we live in a big country...

Toronto teams have their own little mindset, as to a "credible product" on offer to watch or attend...the Leafs and Jays are allegedly quite profitable, where neither have made it to a playoff in many years, and in the case of the Leafs, show little sign that they will ever have won, or will win one, in people's lifetimes...

Ok this is a joke right ? I come on here to chat football and sometimes pick up some inside info, but seems theres more of these piss ant complaint posts then anything else.

Did I hear the NHL cancelled its Oct 31st games do to not realizing it was Holloween, the PGA and Nascar is re-thinking its entire operations as we speak … and God forbid the years Christmas falls on a Sunday … and the NFL plays to all those empty staduims … come on tell me … your post is a joke right ?

I am glad you love kids, and know that they are more important then football, but all you say before that statement doesnt make any sense in the world I live in. I love having a football team in our city and I love going to games, and I love that dinner was today and tomorrow is football day … for me and my Son. For that personally I am very thankful.

As for Halloween, afternoon football and evening hockey, isnt life grand.

huh? People actually have their thanksgiving dinner on monday? It doesnt make sense to me lol

I guess the nfl and the nba shoot themselves in the foot too with the nba playing games on christmas day and the nfl playing on christmas day when christmas falls on a saturday or sunday there fans don't have a problem showing up. And as far as i'm concerned christmas day is a more important day than thanksgiving. in the 70's and 80's hamilton was usually home for a thanksgiving afternoon game most of the time against the argos. i had my thanksgiving dinner today(sunday) so mondays game not a problem

Scheduling is a difficult thing to do. Seams you can never satisfy everyone. The only thing I don't care for is moving the games around to different days of the week. I think there have been games on every day of the week except Tuesday. The problem I have with that is it leads to games being played on short rest, which is not good for the product on the field (after Mondays game we play on the road on Sunday, and then on the road again on Friday - this will be a factor), and you lose some familiarity for game times with fans. I don't have to guess when NFL or NCAA football is going is on, and I always know there is a hockey game on Saturday night. The CFL should stick to Fridays and Saturdays, with the exception of the Labour Day games. They should then put the bye week after Labour Day to allow teams to rest for the next game. This would just put that much more emphasis on the Labout Day games.

As far as those who are not going to the game on Thanksgiving or Halloween, don't critisize them, just understand that they have other priorities. I used to be a season ticket holder and went to games religiously, but now live in Ingersoll, and have a 4 and 7 year old. I usually make it down to a few games a year, but not as often as I once did when I was without kids and lived closer. There are a number of reasons for not going to every game. I don't consider these excuses, and don't think others should.

By the way, for those who are not going to the football game on Halloween, I may not be going because I pretty much can't make it home from the game in time to be ready for trick or treating. My kids usually head out around 06:00, and will need to get everything ready before that. This is not going to change just because I want to go to a football game. If the game starts at 02:00, I probably won't be able to get home until 06:30 or 07:00, unless I leave early. I will probably wait to see what the weather will be like, see what impact the game will have on the standings, and decide if I want to pay to go to 3/4 of a game. All valid reasons, not excuses!

I was thinking the same thing,it doesn't seem to matter what the topic is it usually ends up turning into nothing but complaining towards the end lol and it is usually only between a couple of people bickering
back and forth.

O.K., I give. I'm wrong!

The Oct 31st Game should be a 7:35 PM Start ...
Think about all the Fun we could have in the Dark in Costumes
Haunting the Roughriders to end our Home Season.

There's no such thing as a perfect schedule. Everyone seems to have something to complain about for any given football game. Thursdays are bad because its a work night. Fridays are bad because we head out to the cottage, Saturday and Sunday games are bad because we BBQ on those days. Any holiday is bad because its a holiday.

Consider yourself a fan or not but if these are common excuses for you, then you simply aren't very interested in seeing live football.

8) Ahhh, how very right you are, joedavtav !!!

The 2pm start is awesome. There would be an empty stadium because parents would be with their kids trick or treatin'.

I love the Tksgiving day game. Most people eat on Sunday or you could have a hot lunch or late dinner.

I propose that we have 3 traditional games.

Canada Day - Montreal
Labour Day - Toronto
Thanksgiving - Winnipeg

I think that would be awesome!