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Woman alleges sex bias Woman: CFL discriminated
Jun. 17, 2006. 01:00 AM

MONTREAL—A female official accuses the CFL of discrimination for not letting her work as a member of the stick crew that measures first downs.

“I’m supposed to be on the field for (last night’s) Alouettes match,” Francesca Dansereau told La Presse. “If I’m not, it’s only because I am a woman.”

Dansereau, 22, received an email from Jacques Daigneault, who is responsible for officials’ schedules, stating that his boss, Jacques Decarie, didn’t believe a woman could do the job correctly.

“Jacques (Decarie) told me that it wasn’t good for the CFL’s image to have Francesca on the field,” Daigneault told the newspaper.

Decarie said it was misread.

“I refused Francesca because she doesn’t have enough experience, not because she’s a woman,” he said, noting that female stick crews work in Edmonton and Vancouver.

shes cute, she looks like she could make one hell of a turkey dinner

her face was on the news

I’d rather have a man doing it. I don’t mean to be sexist but seeing a female official just seems like it would be wrong.

Wouldnt bother me in the least.

I believe it has nothing to do with her being a woman. There are two females already employeed in two other cities. The reason she did not get choosen is the fact she does not have enough experience. Just maybe she should continue for a couple of more years in the university level.

Well that's negative right there.

If she is capable of doing the job then let her have her shot in the CFL. Another PR nightmare for the league, good job BOYS.

Why is that negative? Most employers look for experience where do you find this should be any different? The problem is she needs more time to develope. She did not like being told she does not have the job so she pulls the sex card yet she failed to realize they have two females on the job already)! Pathetic! It seems they made the right decision!

Sambo tell me did you ever get turned down from a job because you did not have enough experience and did you go to the press and say this is not fair! Come on you have seen people complaining about the ref's on here. Do you think they need rookies do this job or do you want people that have experience really it is a no brainer. She made a mistake using the sex card and that could spell the end for her trying again. Not to brightif you ask me. And just maybe that was the other reason for not hiring her. It would be more believable if two other females were already not doing this job in two other cities.

At some point, you have to give someone a chance. If she fails miserably , then fine. If she excels, then its a bonus. If she doesnt have enough experience, then say it to her face, dont let someone else say to her " He doesnt believe a woman can do the job". This is where the mistake was made.

The guy says his boss told him not to use her because she is a woman...he quoted his boss. This is going to get ugly especialy in Quebec. Where men are men and women are Fookin Gorillas!

Watch the mustache wearing female activists come running to her rescue on monday! Tom Wright is going to wish he was stuck in a broken elevator with Wettenhaul and Braley.

If it is true that the supervisor did indeed say "don't hire her since she's a woman", this will cause a bigger stink than the whole "language police" controversy a few years back.

Sexual discrimination??? No way. Her legs just weren’t good enough.

"Jacques (Decarie) told me that it wasn't good for the CFL's image to have Francesca on the field," Daigneault told the newspaper.

I think that could be taken in a million wyas. Her image could be that she is not good enough to do the job.

What it looks like to me is the guy that hired her, never looked into her qualifications and when told that he would have to let her go because she wasn't qualified he flew off the handle. He then had to rectify the situation by letting her go and instead of admitting his mistake, he made up some gender issue excuse.

Now this girl has this e-mail saying she was let go because she is a girl (and not because she is not qualified) and has every right to be mad based on the e-mail.

That's just my opinion.

Too many people are quick to jump on the discrimination train about women. If she has this email she claims to have, why has she not made it public like everything else she's said?

Im not basing it on discrimination, but if she is saying she is qualified, then give her a chance to prove it. She has let everyone know that she felt she was discriminated against, lets see the email that shows her complaint to be correct. Let her try one game and to prove herself. If she falls flat on her face, then so be it. If she does well, then good for her.

It's not if she thinks she's qualified, it's if the CFL thinks she is qualified for the job. They are saying she is not and that is why she doesn't have a job. The mistake was made when they hired her in the first place.

She is claiming she was not hired because she is a woman. Now it seems people are saying she should be hired only because she is a woman. The league says she is underqualified and therefore the job should be given to someone more qualified. Like it or not, that is an equal opportunity situation. Qualifications should be the only thing looked at. Some people are so quick to claim sexual discrimination because they are offended that someone else deserves the job. I for one am quite sick of it.