CFL Season webcast pass?

Dose the CFL have a season web cast Pass For the 08 season?

Last year TSN broadcast all their games online for free. Since they have the rights to all games this year I'd expect there to be no need to buy anything.

Its only free in Canada.

What about the CBC? Will the broadcast the 08 season?

Also will be able to watch the Friday Night Football, online here in the United States?

No, all games are on TSN.

Since WorldSport has the exclusive rights to Friday Night Football down here in the US, I doubt you'll be able to watch online without using some kind of proxy server to make it look like you're logging on from Canada.

So contact some CFL fans and see if they can hook you up with a proxy server. :slight_smile:

You could also use a Slingbox.

The slingbox is a good idea, if you have a home in Canada. I guess you could just have a friend that is willing to hook up their TV in Canada.

I have not used this system, is it possible to have more than one computer logged into a slingbox?

edit: just found the website and it seems that only one person at a time can view over the internet. Still looks like an interesting system.

The slingbox is illegal here in the united states. I hope the CFL wakes up and sets up there own Season web pass for the 2009 season.

TSN stopped broadband towards the end of last season. I e-mailed them twice and received evasive unsatisfactory replies. It seemed like TSN and the CFL weren't getting along. I have no evidence but I thought they suddenly had less links to each other on their websites.
any body know anything? 8)

Since when did the slingbox become illegal in the states.

I am amazed what people pull out of their butts sometimes.

The Slingbox is perfectly legal HERE in the U.S. (Sling is an American company after all), just as it is in Canada, just as long as only one person at a time connects.