**CFL season ticket sales**

all info was taken from the cfl.ca state of the teams, or from sun newspapers.

#8 Roughriders 13,000
#7 Argos 15,000
#6 Als 17,500 (with 3K-4K on waiting list for after stadiums expansion)
#5 Bluebombers 18,000
#4 Stamps 18,500
#2 Lions 19,000
#2 Ticats 19,000
#1 Eskimos 25,000

Riders must be expecting a bad year, nice to see the tickets in high demand.

proud to be one, picking up my tickets at noon today

15000 Argo tickets is really incredible considering the 2-3000 last year. With the usual 10000-15000 walk up and phone sales, there will be 30000+ for every game with potential 43000 sell outs for Ticat games. The once dull Skydome will be full of atmosphere and great place to come watch football again. See you there! Arrrgooos!!!!!

can anyone who has season tickets, take a pic and post them on here?

heres why:

the ticat season tickets are simply normal ticketmaster tickets...some people have posted what the als and argos season tickets look like, and they look REALLY nice....so im wondering if every team in the league has nice looking tickets, and its just the ticats with ugly ones?



Those are impressive numbers for all the teams especially the Argos. I have been a season ticket holder for over ten years and I know before the great new owners, the lowest was around 2500.
Also, with no Ottawa for this year only I suspect the league average of 27,000 for 05 has a chance to exceed 30,000.
Now, if the Board of Clowns can only get their act in order to get back to Ottawa in 07 and extend commish TW for at least three more years.

The Riders are around the same from last year, when we averaged just under 25000. A lot of Rider fans have to come from a ways away (since the province is big but sparsely populated) so they don't buy tickets until game day. Also a lot of farmers don't buy season tickets because they don't know if they can make it to all the games or not. The Riders will have a lots of walk-up tickets sold, especially if they start winning.

As far as the other teams goes, that's very good to see. It's nice to see the CFL healthy and ticket sales doing so well in all CFL cities.

To put it into perspective how well the Argos and Ti-cats are doing, the Argos averaged 15083 fans in 2003 and Hamilton averaged 14863. Obviously numbers like that are things of the past.

Correct me if I'm wrong ,but didn't the Stamps have a season ticket base of 25,000 a couple of years ago? If so, why are the numbers only at 18500?. Are they stil ticked off at the old ownership?.

Many fans leave it until after or during TC. I am one of those!

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Here are the Bombers season tickets


thanks…looks good.
so hamilton is the only eastern team with crappy, unprofessional lookin season tickets.

ANYONE else from the west, with season tickets they can post on here?

I'm curious, drumkit.....do you have a pic of the Ticats tickets? I have no idea what they look like in comparison to the others.....

they look the same as all ticketmaster tixs.

u know what those look like, right?

lol - nope.....

Just googled it - I have a better idea now....

ok...i couldnt find a pic....below is the closest i found, and they are STILL better than the ticat tix....but theyre are very boring...and if i paid $600+ for a season, id expect a little more.