CFL Season Ticket Packages

With the CFL teams under financial pressure, I was wondering what sort of packages season ticket holder received from the various teams this year? In the past various teams would have ticket boxes with stickers / decals / patches / etc.

I know the Bombers still produced a Season Ticket Member sticker for 2021 and the Eskimos did prior to Covid. The Argos also produced patches in 2020 and 2019.

Curious to know what the various teams may have sent out this year.


Ticats don't send out nothing , usually ticket holders just get a gift card credit on the all acess app and some perks like being on the field for a game warmup

13 years?!? Was this forum even born yet?


Chico (rest in peace) was 2 kitty cats ago so it would have been a long time ....

Wow, hah! Welcome back old timer!